A local official calls for the central government to launch Anbar budget to support the displaced people

2015-11-22 20:18:52

| (Voice of Iraq) - Anbar

Anbar governor called for relief to the displaced adviser Mazen Khaled al-Dulaimi, Sunday, the central government to launch the province's budget for the current year to support the displaced people, as pointed out that displaced families going through cruel and inhumane conditions need to provide food and humanitarian aid.

Dulaimi said in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "The displaced people of Anbar in within the province and beyond are going through humanitarian conditions harsh and need the support of the central government, especially the Ministry of Displacement and Migration in relation to food and humanitarian aid, housing and other needs."

Dulaimi said that "the central government to launch Anbar budget for this year, amounting to 163 billion dinars for the purpose of relief to the displaced and support and the provision of their requirements to alleviate their suffering."

Anbar has seen military and terrorist operations areas led to the displacement of thousands of families in the province within and outside the South toward Baghdad and the Kurdistan region and the provinces.