House of Representatives discuss ending the general budget


Union: the House of Representatives ended on Sunday, to discuss the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016 and in the beginning of the meeting the Council voted on the steps of reading the report from the Commission services and reconstruction on the agenda includes a visit to the ports of Basra province. And followed the Commission services and reconstruction, a report on her visit to the ports of Basra province, which recorded observations concerning the problems of the mechanics working in the ports, including the method of entering the closed container and examine the device Sonar Old, which could result in the introduction banned the country's material, referring to the multiplicity of administrative authorities in the port and do not enjoy the Director of the port the power to them, and drew the Committee's report to the deterioration of the level of quality control device in the port and its influence in dealing with incoming materials to Iraq that could carry radioactive materials and the lack of a screening of explosives, as well as the port authorities are not subject to a single point of control.
The committee recommended to address mistakes and remedy the obstacles that cause damage to Iraq and work on the development of Iraqi ports and submit its report to the Cabinet with recommendations in this regard, the proposed limitation port authorities of the region of one and the development of sophisticated devices control and subdue all imported materials quality control, in addition to the formation of a committee of experts for the advancement of the port, as well as legislation allows law granting wider powers of the Board of Directors.
In turn, Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri called for the Commission services and reconstruction to follow up the issue and set a date to host the Minister of Transport to discuss the report of the Committee.
The Board voted to approve the resignation of MP Hussein al-Aziz al-Sharifi from the membership of the House of Representatives. In another matter, the Committee on the economy ended and Investment read the report and discuss the federal budget for fiscal year 2016 in response to the interventions of the House of Representatives, the Committee emphasized, taking into consideration all comments and proposals and included possible, including in the preparation of the final version of the draft federal budget for the 2016 law, noting to The government has promised to reduce investment spending to reduce the deficit.
On the other hand, followed the MP, but Talabani's statement on behalf of the heads of parliamentary blocs condemned by some young people burned the Iraqi flags and Kurdistan and insulting symbols of national figures in ways uncivilized, noting that the attack on religious symbols and the Iraqi flag and the Kurdistan region is a violation of the law, calling on the concerned authorities in the Federal Government and the provincial government to put an end to such serious cases.
And the face of Sheikh Hamoudi members of the Support Committee for the popular crowd and the Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes to the meeting to elect the President and the Programme of Action.