In the event of the inability of the government to disclose Abadi files of corruption .. Liberal Cetkhvha (details)

22-11-2015 06:30 PM

MP for the Liberal bloc Abdul Aziz Zalmi, the presence of individuals working in secret to tarnish the image of the Sadrist movement, asserting that the Liberal bloc will reveal corrupted files if the government failed to detect it.

He said Zalmi in a statement to the Liberal bloc 'that the electoral and political competition is absent from the scene and works in secret to attack the Sadrist movement for political ends '.

He said Zalmi that' Our position on exposing corruption files to Aarouk to some political figures ', pointing out' that the mass is not supine on the detection of those files, but we believe in and supportive of the Government Abadi '.

He said Zalmi that' the mass the ability to detect corrupt files if the government failed to detect '.