Parliament ends its discussion of the budget and to raise its the eighth of next month "expanded"

11/22/2015 16:51 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - scales News
House of Representatives ended its session routine, which was held on Sunday, chaired by Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 210 deputies and discuss the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016.

According to a statement of the Council received / scales News / copy of which was that "At the outset of the session the House of Representatives voted on the stairs reading a report from the Commission services and reconstruction on the agenda includes a visit to the ports of the province of Basra."

And it followed the Commission services and reconstruction, a report "on her visit to the ports of Basra province, which recorded observations concerning the problems of the mechanics working in the ports, including the method of entering the closed container and examine the device Sonar Old, which could result in the introduction banned the country's material, referring to the multiplicity of administrative authorities in the port and do not enjoy the port director the power to them. "

He drew the Committee's report "to the deterioration of the level of quality control device in the port and its influence in dealing with incoming materials to Iraq that could carry radioactive materials and the lack of a screening of explosives, as well as the port authorities are not subject to a single point of control."

The committee recommended "addressing the mistakes and remedy the obstacles that cause damage to Iraq and work on the development of Iraqi ports and submit its report to the Cabinet with recommendations in this regard, the proposed limitation port authorities of the region of one and the development of sophisticated devices control and subdue all imported materials quality control, in addition to the formation of a committee of experts to promote by the port, as well as legislation allows law granting wider powers of the Board of Directors. "

In turn, he called al-Jubouri, "Commission services and reconstruction to follow up the issue and set a date to host the Minister of Transport to discuss the report of the Committee."

And the voice of the House of Representatives' approval on the resignation of MP Hussein al-Aziz al-Sharifi from the membership of the House of Representatives special reasons after submitting a request to the Council presidency on 1 / "10.
In another matter, it ended the economic and investment commission read the report and discuss the federal budget of the Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2016 and provided financial, legal and economic committees.

In the interventions of the House of Representatives MP Mehdi al-Hafez, "stressed the need for the government to reconsider its vision and its policy on the financial budget, calling for giving priority to supporting the private sector and the services sector."

MP Niazi Ihsanoglu "to allocate two billion dinars aid to compensate those affected in the city of Tuz and rehabilitation of the damage to some homes and contribute to calming the security situation in the city."

The MP pointed of quitting Chairman of the Committee on Security and Defense "to the urgent need to increase the amounts allocated to arm the security services and the popular crowd to support the war against Daash gangs."

For its part, he wondered MP Hanan al "about the reasons for the Kurdistan Regional allocations drawer after the announcement of the province not its obligation to deliver oil sales and revenues border dues, pointing to the absence of recycling the provincial budget for prior years in the current budget and the survival of US $ 4 billion owed by mobile phone companies without treatment."

He noted the MP Najiba Najib to "prejudice the existence of a large share of the Kurdistan region within the budget of 2016, including the Peshmerga forces and accruals oil companies allocations wondering about the region's share of foreign loans."

He called Mansour Baaja to "reconsider and make it the region's share of 12.7% depending on the percentage of population and not on the basis of three provinces."

The MP Ammar Tohme stressed "the importance of achieving justice in the amounts allocated to the ground forces and the Peshmerga and the popular crowd, according to numerical proportions".

I suggest MP Abdul Karim al-Naqib "add the item in the budget law for revenues of border crossings and obtaining 5% of them to the provinces, as well as a doubling of the budget of the popular crowd."

For his part, MP Raad Aldhlki that "the budget half-displaced contribute in Cairo under the circumstances they are going through."

Asks MP Ali Shukri for "over the guarantee of the loan from the International Monetary Fund and reliable in the construction budget."

The MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar "the need to support the popular crowd and assign the budget, in addition to compensation for the victims in Tuz."

And it demanded an olive-Dulaimi MP "to return to support the general budget for 2015 and adoption of the coming year in preparing the budget."

MP Khalaf Abdul Samad also suggested "the change, which would prepare the budget and entrust responsibility for academics and economists to avoid the problems associated with organized, stressing Pay attention to the draft port of Faw."

He called MP Mohammed Halbusi to "exchange Anbar province, allocations of ration, fuel, electricity disadvantaged by the province because of the security situation."

For its part, demanded the MP Birwan reformer "to ensure the inclusion of students in public universities grant which they were deprived in full over the past year as well as forcing ministries specify the percentage of 5% of the grades for the appointment of doctoral and master certification campaign."

Attorney Yitzhak leading to pointed out that "the Ministry of Displacement allocations are not commensurate with the size and number of displaced, calling for an increase of funds allocated to them."

Kawa MP urged Aziz to "provide the necessary financial provisions for the Peshmerga forces battling against terrorism over large areas."

In turn, drew MP Adnan al-Asadi to "the bad conditions and the high poverty rate in the province of Muthanna, which requires increasing the proportion of the budget allocated to them."

The MP Abboud al-Issawi that "the situation of displaced people will require increased entitlements on the basis of the proportion of the population, in addition to the importance of increasing the allocation of the Ministry of Agriculture and farmers."

He called MP Awad al-Awadi, to "increase the amount of housing fund for the benefit of the low-income segments."

And MP Abdul Rahman Alloizi on "interest in shares of Nineveh province, away from the political pressure."

On the other hand it followed the MP, but Talabani's statement on behalf of the heads of parliamentary blocs "denounced the fact that some young people burned the Iraqi flags and Kurdistan and insulting symbols of national figures in ways uncivilized", adding that "the attack on religious symbols and the Iraqi flag and the Kurdistan region is a violation of the law, calling for stakeholders in the federal government and the provincial government to put an end to such serious cases. "

Then gave the MP Hassan Chuird Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, "a statement on the terrorist attacks that targeted a number of countries and the decision of the UN Security Council on counter-terrorism and regulatory Daash and the victory of terrorists, he expressed his welcome to the decision internationalist, demanding to be such resolutions under Chapter VII and not Chapter VI."

Then the face of deputy speaker of parliament Humam Hamoudi, "House of Representatives members of the Support Committee for the popular crowd and the Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes to the meeting to elect the president and the Programme of Action" .anthy 29 / z 3