Banished to published Iraqi Observer newspaper

Iraqi Observer newspaper published on its front page in its edition of Sunday 22/11/2015 a story under the title (after performing a disappointing .. Parliament acknowledges the martyrs law and freezes strategy) laws which indicated a slowdown in the House of Representatives to pass important laws and vote on the law after martyrs long conflict.

At a time when stress it that the content of the report is contrary are absolutely with the policies included in the title, the report explained that the important laws in the Council take legal context in legislation and are subject to discuss in-depth in the relevant committees for the purpose of fueling laws and submit them to a vote as the final and this make the case in all parliamentary assemblies world.

We would like to between the completion of the House of Representatives current session of the laws of the task period of record time, including, but not limited to the federal budget for 2015, which was voted on during a maximum period of one month in addition to the political parties law and the law of the Iraqi Media Network, labor law and the abolition of dozens of Council resolutions Law dissolved Revolutionary ministries and laws on service leadership as well as government and parliamentary reforms package and all laws and decisions affecting the strategic interests of the citizens.

We are also extremely Astgrabna some media overlooked, including the newspaper (Iraqi observer) about the role of the Legislative Council at the age of important laws and promote news weakens the work of the Council and diminish the value of his achievements, which can not be justified, but from the perspective of targeting the Council and try to Tsagath for political purposes.

The information department
Iraqi Council of Representatives