Planning is discussing with the United Nations, the implementation of private sector development strategy

Our economy / Baghdad - I discussed with the Ministry of Planning and Development Program of the United Nations stages of the implementation of the private sector development strategy for 2014-2030.

A statement of the ministry and agency of our economy news received a copy of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning and Technical Affairs Maher Hammad Search with UNDP representatives of the United Nations in Iraq, the implementation phases of the development of 2014-2030 the private sector and the mechanics of the work of committees and task forces the issue involved in the implementation of strategic items according to Time timings specified strategy.

The statement added that during the meeting to review the progress made ​​so far in implementing the strategy and mechanisms for implementing the next steps during the year 2016 and beyond and what is the role of institutions and private sector associations and the role of UNDP in the implementation of Strategic all stages.

The two sides stressed during the meeting the need to nominate teams Unnamed so far in order to begin its work in the creation of a unit of planning, research and implementation as well as the establishment of public supervision and coordination of the system down to the strategy and the establishment and activation of the Council of Private Sector Development

The parties agreed to the UNDP UN to conduct a questionnaire on the current challenges facing the private sector and work on the data that emerged from a survey of industrial companies, carried out by the Ministry of Planning in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and the Federation of Iraqi Industries analysis.

The meeting saw a review of the sectors that will be covered by the private surveying the construction of the database's strategy of being a trade sector is the biggest sector and the agriculture sector as complex and service sectors, which includes banks and housing