And the Federal Ministry of Labour: the inclusion of 800 Yazidi salaries protection network
2015-11-22 02:58:59

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad - brotherhood
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Federal announced that "the number of women survivors of Daash Alaesideat terrorist gangs inclusions salaries of social protection network reached 800 Yazidi."
He said ministry spokesman Amar Menem:
The ministry announced the names of a new batch of survivors Alaesideat 450 Yazidi noting that the first batch of registered Alaesideat in social protection program who received a benefit of social protection after issuing smart cards to them.
He added that the second meal of inclusions they collected the subsidy of social protection after the completion of their own archives, bringing the number of inclusions, regardless of the subsidy to more than 800 Yazidi survivors included a social protection program.
He said he was an exception Alaesideat citizens of all controls and laws in force in the social protection network due to their living conditions and difficult from the ministry to seek the inclusion of displaced people eligible social subsidy.