Barzani: Peshmerga forces besieging Mosul from the east, west and north

2015-11-22 03:03:54 |

(Voice of Iraq) - Snjar- fraternity
The security of the Kurdistan Region Barzani happy adviser said in "front confrontation with the terrorists" area of ​​Sinjar in a telephone statement to the newspaper Financial Times: all these sacrifices and bloodshed in Sinjar no doubt that we stick to her and do not abandon them. What he has done the former dictator Saddam Hussein of his own against the provinces does not mean that these areas follow specific province. Without doubt, the Sinjar part of the Kurdistan Region.
Kurdistan Region Security Adviser in the dial also confirmed that the Kurds are not looking to direct confrontation with Iraq and said:
Yazidis in previous elections declared publicly that they want to and want to be part of the Kurdistan Region.
He added in the liberation of Sinjar campaign Peshmerga not allowed to Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) to be part of the attack and were insisting that the attack Anfredoa In this regard, Barzani said:
They were not part of the plan, but they wanted to be involved in the work and review the off to prove their presence.
Some problems may stand in the way coordinated attack on the strongholds Daash in Mosul and in this regard the security of the Kurdistan Region adviser said:
Peshmerga forces surrounded the city from the north, west and east sides. But he also pointed out that every movement and step in the war against Daash need to redundant participation of the Iraqi government forces and said:
In this area we exchanged our views, what is the responsibility of the Iraqi government is ready to set a date and at what speed to be prepared to do the campaigning.