Social and market reforms

Author: d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh

11/22/2015 0:00

Managed (State - components) of the framework of its new economic characterization as a system (Riei- liberal) alternative economic system (state - the nation), a system (rent-Central) based on the severe state capitalism Central, which remained determines the directions of economic policy, and installation constants and variables of financial, monetary and trading and operational trends all power consuming serving Liberal consumption in the mechanics fragile of the parties to the global market without the ability to generate production and diversification of the national economy and in accordance with the structural following:

1 - the specimen rent-liberal structure of economic policy came in (the state-components) in line and the state to get rid of predicament impossible trinity (between democracy and globalization on the one hand) and (nation-state on the other hand) credit economic system (rent-liberal) as an alternative (to the system rentier -antrza) .wantht both Alrasmalitin (state capitalism and capitalism civil) apart in the foundations alienation from development, but Mnsjmtin in movement and direction and common targets paths of globalization consensus and openness towards the international market, and without that has thought a development unified or joint vision brought together national market where about a coherent and unified goal outside consumption opportunities and profit and speculation and grab rents.

It is still a surplus relatively high financial resources which stuck its capitalist rentier state to Aasog, for example, the actual unemployment continuing rates in the open labor market and twice as high places throughout the decade .oan Maysog this is the weakness of market capitalism contact state capitalism in the investment approach and to build the future Alaguetsada.oan market performance as a contractor outlet for the investment budget (out of rent-seeking activity and investments) are still weak, reflecting the weakness of capitalism partnership in curriculum development and progress I pointed out the operational capacity of government investment projects rates did not exceed 27 percent of the investment allocations up to 2014 which investment projects and activities for which the private sector implemented by contractors often but decreased the ratio of (zero percent to 10 percent) in the implementation of water and sewage projects in the provinces and municipalities in 2013 and according to a report of the Commission services in the House of Representatives. seen doctrine liberal state as an entity exploitative Nhaba necessarily seen the private sector being the destination rentier (seeking to rent collection even tax evasion), the opportunistic power Btabiatha.ually despite the intervention of the state in a narrow range of legal climate for the work of the liberal market and determine the state channels of communication with the market to regulate according to the specimen rent-liberal, but the liberals and their thoughts prevailing call for complete separation between the state and the private sector.

With this in mind I took the Coalition Provisional Authority in drawing the legal limits for the integration of the economy of globalization of the national economy and then painted the economic policy paths in different axes on the principles of liberalization of the Iraqi market and to facilitate the integration into world markets (or globalization Iraq), as follows: built Iraq since changing the 2003 policy openness and wide around the world and sought to establish a significant economic rules and legislative work according to the market system mechanisms, as it mostly helped improve Iraq's foreign trade, after the economic siege that lasted more than a decade-odd of time led to the marginalization of Iraq on the map of the global economic system and deprived of investment and progress opportunities and development and technological knowledge that should have been appointed on the face of developments and rapid developments that have occurred for the international market competitiveness and changed sharply over the past two decades.

Thus, under Iraq suffers from a legacy of isolation from the international environment in the midst of a world engulfed by the merger of his companies and the liberalization of its markets and integration, particularly financial ones, the rule of doctrine currents neo-liberal, which required extensive economic transformations in the field of IT and financial services is consistent with the UN productive activity through the role which I took to play the multinational companies and the increased competitive advantage of products that began generated world markets.

In the midst of these changes in the international trading and financial space, Iraq moved to the task of regulatory levels in the transition to a market economy to break the impact of the international isolation over engagement in a strong area of economic liberalism, which focused in the areas of Iraq's foreign trade liberalization of goods and services and ways of their funding from, although volatility or ambiguity organization, as well as the fields of winning in the financial services progress and improve the investment environment foreign through legal banking and investment legislation and the law of the central bank and amending the Companies Act, to allow foreign banks to operate in Iraq and allow the transfer of money, currency, capital and in a manner to serve Iraq's openness to the world in an economy conditions central Rei, ungainly in the understanding of market liberalism, which led, however, provide positive opportunities for legal, regulatory and foundations of a promising business environment of Iraq.

But all that is not enough to put Iraq on the international economic competition path. because there is still more than two thousand text of legislative texts disruptive economic freedom and market activity, the legal community holds today studied and which eliminates the case modified in order to Iraq will be able to integrate into the trade, international investment and configured, for example, to join the World Trade Organization in accordance with the conditions of membership in order to get our country on the condition of most state care and the principle of national treatment and Gerha.wallavt, the liberalization of the market and trends integration into the global market that led economic usages and directions Liberal fugitive relatively speaking, has worked to freeze any legislation (protectionist) development and consumer rights and the national product-sensitive, a UN rights exercised by various countries to ensure progress economies of commercial dumping problems and suppress the development Windos for example, did not do the laws (customs tariff, competitiveness and protection of the national product and consumer protection ) because these laws have remained in spite of legislation years ago, ink on paper, so as to force the prevailing doctrine of the liberal, which linked the legislative institution of democracy and oversight, rules the climate of globalization bulk to overcome the historical impasse politician mentioned him earlier.

2 --Oriented economic policy in knots (State - Ingredients) There are two trends in liberal thought Ahata financial policy of the state and their relevance to the market in Iraq.

The first trend: did not meet the idea of (state-components) within the solution trouble impossible trinity with neo-liberalism in the subject of small state (small state assumption) but on the contrary, the State of ingredients , trying to pressure Alanvaqa towards highlighting component capacity financially, particularly by maximizing consumer expenditure and operational Awalmoisnh and acting financial component as if it is possible context or alternative (the nation state).

Despite this, the trend in nature contradictory, may easy to get out of trouble impossible trinity As long as the integration into the global market or globalization seen in the (State - components) as mere (federations democracy) move to sustain the college tracks the global political economic system (state-market) and that those federations can not be transformed with each other to build a (nation-state) in creating a unified people and happy and homeland enjoys luxury and freedom financial risks, devoted Anfakie towards final consumption not for Development and orientations productivity, not the pride of only serious principle in international geo-political, a so-called (Balahiaiah Alakulaimah- (Bioregionalism which means melting (State -almkonat ) political regional as similar markets have ethnically or Matkadia across the border, which is looking for globalization to transfer democratic entities (state-components) to (federations democracy) associated markets globalization but somehow stronger than the National League as they see it (-alamh State !!).

Examples such as the prohibition of trading neighboring countries products in the local markets and the weakness of the fence Alkmarki sovereign and the fragility of its effectiveness and other examples in the bio-regional risk that the most important transmission surplus finance capital (financial capitalism) and Trakmath to its strongholds in the markets of the region geographical surrounding Iraq and depriving the country of surpluses task development.

The second trend: The consumer sovereignty and the tendency to consume two Mngaran two basic goals guide the economic system and all its activities as you want liberal school in the economy and consumer Alaraca.oan is much like the king today as the owners claim that the goals of economic policy Almadrsh.oan mostly come in contact with consumer tendencies or nutritious consumerism to say the least.

And liberal policies do not converge with the policies that moving toward the product and the direct operation of the labor force and to maximize the well-being through the intensity of capital accumulation of physical and human and then reach something of optimization in real output down to the well-being Alasthlakih.oppema printed federal budget and designed the federal fiscal policy to meet the desire of (State -almkonat) which imposes a restriction Anfakie requires maximizing the operational side or the consumer in the budget to the maximum extent possible, according to the flow returns rentier oil but stumbled chronic in the investment budget imposed problematic state itself components, excluded from the high efficiency of investment in the rentier oil sector alone and with distinction Account , which is the source of the perpetuation of life of the state-components.

The number of workers in the (countries-components) of 800 000 government employees at the end of 2003 to nearly 4 million and a half million government employees at the beginning of the year 2015 which is despite the conflict with the liberal school that believes in the concept of small state, but in the concept of (state-components) There Maysuge thought and deed.

Politics Finance became orientations more like a life insurance company (for three and a half million) retired government and four and a half million employees are in government service are currently salaried with an annual average of about the same as per capita GDP amounting to estimates of $ 6,600 annually, according to gross domestic product levels (GDP) in the year 2013 either work-producing market, which is now free from regulation and social security, to force Abralitha unrestrained and heterogeneity organizationally in the characterization of business rules and workers' rights, the number of workers belonging to them and the more than four and a half million workers, are among the movement's activity in bulk It currently does not have a social security effectively, but (for a hundred and fifty thousand) employees of whom actually Orobma less.

There are a similar number of retired workers, are about 29 000 retired workers receive a monthly salary according to labor law, social security and the amounts of monthly slim to exceed US $ 175 for a worker retired per been increased in the last period to put it just above the poverty line by about 350 Dolar.alma that regular workers according to labor and Security Act Social and covered by funds labor warranty does not exceed the number 150 000 workers out of more than four and a half million affiliated workers to the private sector. trying to (state-components) the exercise of the function (nation-state) in terms of the behavior of internal Alanvaqa and changing fiscal policy paths and directed about financial functions traditional public in a matrix functions and severe Activities spending owns Liberal strength is derived from the predicament of the State of ingredients federal democracy, which made ​​spending Alsiade- consumer Almkoonati walking towards the maximum in waste and sewage .vkl (component) is trying to act as a nation-state binoculars operational spending over the component the other. This behavior is wasteful disaster took place in the LCB distortion of oil revenues and allocated towards the phenomenon of government consumption (operational expenditure) in the hierarchy of public financial priorities and in line with the structure of the state -almkonat and market liberalism Almmelthmtin both globalization and markets of Foreign Affairs.

Between 2004 and 2012, was approximately half a trillion dollars spent on Government consumer spending and the outcome of the unfortunate in its results, as reflected in financial transactions (the state-plug) on the orientations of monetary and trading the two policies and are receiving negative variables that drive them strong spending power consuming state-operating in the framework of the components of what the term to be called (political quota system), a tendency ethnic or zonal Tvkikah wasteful behavior, consumer non-productive and act from the logic of the nation-state, wearing dress the state-components. In spite of the operational capacity of the federal budget to widen, but to build consumer is the product is the path that make the (state-components) linked to the global market through trade and international exchange channels .obina on the foregoing, still Article 106 of the Constitution of the Republic of 2005 which requires the formation of a public body to monitor the allocation of federal revenues in order to achieve justice grants, aid and international loans distribution under the regional and provincial benefits and verify the ideal use of federal financial resources and ensuring transparency and justice when customization, still disabled, has Astaed by Bostmrarada'm (direct and indirect), and by as much as 48 percent of annual allocations of the budget of the Federal.

While the outcome of taxes has been only less than 2 percent do not constitute of the total budget ceiling !!.

So take the consumer thought and consumerism in Iraq building priorities at the state level and the market in the framework of (the state-components) and ideology Liberal Consumer hostile behaviors in building the foundations of development, which is generated at the same time economic culture of writing that the product is commodity consumer in Iraq comes from Asian markets or Alandol, as long as globalization markets remained the umbrella -alasthlak domestic production at the lowest possible cost. This is what you want liberal currents of stay (federations-democracy globalized or State-components) that are looking to devote the culture of consumption through a change of life style and living style and switch on according to the tendency of community wasteful consumption very few production .

3 - option alternative: the social market has not liberal-rentier Tzaralasrh between the market and the state in Iraq, and over a decade, but a model unique strengthens the integration into the global consumer market Awaldhuban consumer globalization and to under the terms of a democratic political transition, which required the transition from state -alamh to the state -almkonat or quotas (also termed the norm in our country today) .oan expand the exchange is the product of the benefits of oil wealth and sharing insatiable between the components and the loss of revenue rentier in distributional-consumer system, has established an economy to Aigoy to produce only oil wealth, resources and strengthens in the same time, consumption fueled by globalization, markets, support him and relative abundance of financial accumulations of savings, a semi-Off locally and soaks in the end to external financial strongholds and drives out of uncertainty and hesitation in economic decision-making investment local Aosnaath.

Consequently, it has political democracy has become -otazim consumption according to the low productive employment opportunities, the title of a vacuum development and the loss of the economic future of the country as a productive outside the boundaries and determinants of oil revenues.

The political democracy to Ati system economical alternative to replace chaos liberal consumer quo and maximizing the bond state-productivity market, and that the objective necessity in such a condition Transformation requires Mayati:

First, conduct an ideological shift in the political reconstruction of Iraq from the (state-components) to (state-citizenship), a stronger concept of the nation-state of Iraq Nevsha.vmoatnh are merits in the configuration political affiliation for the future of democratic development in Iraq.

Second , although the economic model of the new Almarquintala (Commercial) reflects the strong state capitalism represented, but he has the strength of the partnership between the state and the market or create a cooperative state, especially in a country like Iraq where the state dominates the country's natural resources major, currents new Almarquintalah, unlike doctrine Liberal consumer, confirms priority productive side in the economic process. Sound economy in their view, it requires the presence of a production structure intact based on high operating structure of the labor force and wages Kavih.valtjarh according to doctrine Almarquintala is not Imports ready flow of globalized markets, but that the production of partnership flows into the globalized markets, the national product of Iraq, as it flows into the local market produce it.

And economic experiments that its line of Japanese economic model Awalchora and even the Chinese have developed on the basis of modern Marquintalah State led the role of the participant and Lieutenant production .oppema embodied the industrial experience Asian state's role new Almarquintalah which capitalism's greatest production and the broader booming.

4 - conclusions that the Iraqi economy in the conditions of the rentier current and Sir reformist program, which was announced in August 2015 by the Iraqi government, is directed in line with the new economic role for the state, will facilitate the partnership and the integration of the state with the private productive activity .az that there are explicit and clear in Article 15 of the draft federal budget law for 2016 as well as Article 16 of the same law of 2015 affirm the principle of the investment partnership between the public sector and the private sector, and according to the ideology of Aominahjah economic transcend curriculum liberal consumer prevailing which contributes to the political and economic geography of Iraq, the dismantling of a specimen rent liberal and consequences of severe Alrahenh.oha return with renewed the concept of economic Almarquintalah (including in this case the concept of financial Almarquintalah actress lending market from the proceeds of oil revenues for the purposes of maximizing the role of productive private sector and diversification of the economy) and to promote the ideology of the creative activities of the market-Style Product of companies contributing to the mixed Aoualemsahmh (which operate on according to the principles of good administrative governance) and the creation of transition to a market system Social unified alternative to the system of rent-liberal (consumer) current.

Finally, the construction of a democratic political system away from the (state-components) current and approaching the concept (nation-state) and bettered substituting (State-citizenship and loyalty to Iraq) will lead inevitably to the birth of the objective conditions to achieve the goals of the social market system three Barcanh:

First create the market-any-generating patterns of institutional ownership, which is based on the corporate system:

The second market financing through a router and turn it into energy lending soft to the forces of the product market oil revenues resources (financial Almarquintalah) and last protect the market pension fund unified national state and the private sector and building the foundations of the labor market actress training centers and employment.

Here, the State will protect the competitiveness and prevent monopoly and promote state economic and social well-being, in terms of production efficiency and ensure equitable distribution of income and wealth, a philosophical structure and pragmatism that are supportive of the sustainability of the market and social.

Sound economy in their view, it requires the presence of a production structure intact based on high operating structure of the labor force and wages Kavih.valtjarh according to doctrine Almarquintala is not Imports ready flow of globalized markets, but that the production of partnership flows into the globalized markets, the national product of Iraq, as it flows into the local market produce it.

And economic experiments that its line of Japanese economic model Awalchora and even the Chinese have developed on the basis of modern Marquintalah State led the role of the participant and Lieutenant production .oppema embodied the industrial experience Asian state's role new Almarquintalah which capitalism's greatest production and the broader booming.