Parliamentary Legal reveal the call for the withdrawal of US law determine the move

This picture was taken the day the devil Maliki stepped down from the PM place I wish he would stay down.
Detection of the Legal Committee member Salim Chawki, Saturday, all involving under the wing of Vice President Almrhq Nuri al-Maliki for the withdrawal of the law to determine the presidency three US arguments related to the constitution of the Dawa Party movement, among inability to person took over as prime minister for two terms that run again.

Said Shawki's / scales News /, that "involving under Nuri al-Maliki wing Dawa Party, demanded the withdrawal of the law to determine the presidency three states Bhjtin first is their call that unconstitutional law Aazin reason that the constitution did not address to determine the mandate of the Prime Minister also touched on the jurisdiction of the President and the House of Representatives and the case the second considered that the law is opposed to the principle of democracy with Article II of the Constitution. "

He added, "The other blocs in line with the Constitution and the House of Representatives Select mandate of the three presidencies," noting "must be the prime minister for more than one person, and not be the preserve of the people in line with democracy."

He noted that "past Parliament in the enactment of the law because he is his response in principle", stressing that "if it was determined presidencies to two terms can not someone practiced in the Council of Ministers for a period of two terms to run for a third term even if the session had not been completed even if it did not complete his mandate ".
"The law works retroactively includes past, present and future."

The member of the parliamentary legal committee smile Hilali suggested, earlier, to postpone the enactment of the three presidencies to determine the next legislative term of the parliament, it showed that while the law may target some political symbols.