Parliamentary Energy: must a new oil agreement between Baghdad and the region put

Cdedo Commission on oil and energy parliamentary deputy Mohammed Kawa, the need to develop a new oil agreement between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region.
Kawa said Mohammed: "We have a new oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil mm put all the details and is only for outline only."

The oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi said during hosted in Parliament last Tuesday to discuss the 2016 budget that "the central government halted the region's share after the last stop of his commitment to hand over its share of oil production for several months," declaring "The government has an obligation to pay dues region in the event of his extradition 550 000 barrels Daily installer in the 2016 budget. "

The Minister of Natural Resources said in the Kurdistan Regional Government, drastically last Wednesday, "we simply can not afford a return to the old arrangements with Baghdad and the widening financial gap again, after differences over the budget has evolved during the past two years, because Baghdad refused to respect the region's share of the budget in 2014 and 2015. "