Agreement within the Parliament to cancel some of the paragraphs of the budget and reduce the share of the Kurdistan region


(Independent) .. MP for the coalition of state law Haider Mawla revealed the existence of an agreement within the House of Representatives not to the survival of the Kurdistan region's share amounting to 17 percent on the same budget in 2016. He pointed out that Parliament works to cancel a paragraph in this budget is that in the absence of the province's obligation to pay amounts of oil from the source or the government's obligation to pay dues each region will be in a solution of oil and financial obligations and this is inconsistent with the terms of the budget.

Mawla said that the region's share of appointments in the budget amounted to 23 percent and this is incompatible with the reality on the ground and Ainsjm with the number of the province's population.

He pointed out that the budget of appointments ago how is this percentage allocation to the region.

He explained that the blocks are also working to cancel other material that Kurdistan is 300 000 barrels of oil and is considered within the budget of the region's share as if a tacit acknowledgment that Kirkuk belonging to the Kurdistan region, and this can not be the fact that the oil belongs to the Iraqi people. (END)