Vice declare that revealed most of those responsible for their net worth due to financial controls

11/21/2015 13:13 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Revealed the parliamentary legal committee member Saman opener on Saturday, he said that the central government did not take legal controls all the political blocs are required to disclose financial receivables noting.

The opener for / scales News /, that "the Legal Committee of the central government called for an penal clause is required everyone to submit financial statements," noting that "the government so far this did not reply."

Fattah called on "all deputies to submit financial statements as soon as possible," calling circle Members Affairs for "asking everyone to disclose financial receivables diligently and hold them accountable."

He pointed out, that "there are a lot of officials from the previous session and the current session they did not disclose financial receivables related to them."

He stressed "the necessity of the House of Representatives to submit financial disclosure early to their net worth because they are representatives of the people even do the rest institutions suit."

This confirmed the Integrity Commission, said that "the duty of disclosure of financial accounts enhances the confidence of the Iraqi people, the government across compel officials to reveal what financial discharged and inform them of the people on the external activities and investments and Mujdathm and benefits aggravating that" abstaining from disclosed their financial interests do not spend them any benefits Aotseellat " . ended 29 / W 23