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(Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad: Joseph Muhammadawi
Abu Walid did not hide his surprise he sees the difference between red meat prices between Qsabh place to another, despite the announcement of all shops that sold meat
Iraqi meat is sincere, he is losing the area of ​​residence, while markets in the Cairo neighborhood found that the price of a kilo of lamb (16) thousand dinars, and when he went to the Waziriya and grandfather of ten thousand dinars
Iraqi, and found him in the holy door market is sold at a price of 13 thousand dinars, Abu Walid, like the Iraqis possessed old love
Iraqi meat echoes in front of the family always fixed his theory that Ahristid by «all diseases Ajtne Weah meat Alrost», however Try three shops and prices
When he wanted to find the most expensive, avoiding the other two for being
We arrived at the conviction inspired by his concerned, that there is meat imported does not differ from the Iraqi meat as
Color, either in terms of flavor and cooking are breaking them
Desertification most pastures

Iraq Until not long ago from exporting livestock countries, and almost the first in terms of the growing demand for flavor distinct says agricultural expert Mohamed Rachid, stressing that to this day there smuggling operations for livestock Iraq to neighboring countries, adding that the statistics Arab organizations development confirms diminishing those Wealth in Iraq for several reasons, including, the scarcity of water resources, which led to the desertification of most of the pastures in the country as a result of the drought-winning and leaving most of the herders of their business either for security reasons or environmental, as well as the phenomenon of smuggling, which is accompanied by a state of the indiscriminate importation of cattle not fit with the nutritional value of carnivorous according to the word Rashid, who added, saying that most of the imported a prepared for export after-grown industrial feeds or injected Babur for the purpose of consumer deception, so to speak engineer find sticks to cooking and smell is pleasant to the contrary from the Iraqi meat flavor, and the rational that the number of Iraqi sheep at the present time and as a result terrorism to invade famous for areas reared do not exceed the fingers of the hand of millions, while their numbers in the past as recorded in the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture in excess of 17 million head of sheep.

Prevent the indiscriminate import

Our friend Abu Walid between his wife took nearly hour and a half in the concoction kilo sheep that he bought at a price of ten thousand dinars, while talking to him it did not take but thirty minutes and on the backburner Btho kilo Iraqi lamb pure that he bought at a price of 16 thousand dinars, adding that he as well as the speed cook them there is the smell unpalatable that are spread in the kitchen while cooking first, while the aroma and flavor of the second appetite up until the seventh of the neighbors, he said, noting that the most important thing is the nutritional value of rare Iraqi meat originating in natural food away for industrial feed, is shared by Abu Walid in his art dealer of the Ministry of Agriculture Mehdi ligature where between in statements to the media, even if the import of live animals and Alvha for several months in the hope of changing the taste of their meat to be similar to the taste of the Iraqi meat can not be, because the flavor is hereditary, and we fear mixing the smuggled items with local and wealth here will be threatened by the risk of developing many diseases and less invulnerability. The advantage of Iraqi sheep existence (twist), which specializes absorb flavors spam in the body of sheep and this is the local sheep meat flavor different from other sheep all over the world .obin that the reason for the focus on obliging importers mow the animals upon arrival back to prevent mixing with local and hybridized Here a conflict would be undesirable and worse recipes for our animals.

Imported cheaply

Abdul behind one ranchers said that the reason for what is happening is the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture to grant some traders authorization to import livestock from outside Iraq, and this is what makes us in a permanent concern for the future of livestock in the country, adding that the importer be low prices when compared to the Iraqi livestock , noting that the price of the imported cow with a (500) thousand Iraqi dinars, while the lowest price for Iraqi cow of at least a million and a half million Iraqi dinars, and this means that the price is three times the importer, and therefore have the turnout had been more than the turnout at the local, and therefore is Type of Alqdhaealy important local wealth, whether intentionally or not, and the behind the reason big difference to prices, to the fact that all imported livestock is supported by the governments of their respective countries, what makes herders they export the cheapest prices, for being a guarantor of profit previously, while we talk to (behind) There are no government support for educators, and with the lack of pasture and desertification of most of the green land we are forced to buy feed and high prices, as well as vaccines and other livestock supplies, and this is what makes our cattle expensive when compared Balmistordh, stressing that there is smuggling of cattle out of the country too Shares effective contribution to high prices he says.

Negative effects on the economy

And the spread of this phenomenon appealed to economists the government and the authorities concerned of the need treatment to preserve the animal wealth, so called economic expert, Ahmed Abdul-Jabbar in the media government agencies statements and the House of Representatives to prohibit the import of imported meat because of health risks at the local consumer to the fact that most of them is not subject to examination laboratory required and standards control the quality of the Iraqi and specifications when entering the country, across the border crossing points, as well as the negative effects on the economy in general, adding that there is a big negative impact on the Iraqi economy by the import of imported meat, which cost Iraq billions of dollars that could be employed and invested in supporting the private sector for the production of meat local, said Abdul-Jabbar that there are negative effects on the health of Iraqi citizens by the import of meat and food from the origins of low unfit for human use, accompanied by misuse in the way of storage that need to be certain conditions are not available in many stores and markets, which imports and sells these materials, meat imported , calling for Parliament and the Iraqi government to support domestic production and breeders of livestock and poultry to meet the market need of white and red meat and table eggs, Abdul-Jabbar and said «that domestic production is characterized by distinctive and desirable its quality because of good nutrition that you get the cattle away from the chemical feed and biological containing modified elements and genetically and provided to imported cattle and poultry, which have adverse effects on human health to prove their meat, which deals with cases of cancer
And others. »

The role of the phenomenon of smuggling

In spite of appeals and claims but the solution would be far-fetched, according to the words of our friend Abu Walid, to the fact that local markets saturated largely saturated meat
Imported different kinds and prices, this Indian Egyptian and that and that Sudanese, and Bulgarian and even types are calculated on Iraqi companies such as sponsor and to be an originally Indian and Brazilian he says, adding that plentiful that beat perception has made some of them as he is in the meat luxury company sold a kilo of it at a price of five thousand Iraqi dinars, and this is what made the turnout by the citizens with limited income is rising day by day in the face of rising Iraqi carnivorous rates, and Mazad of the price of cattle is increasing demand
By the Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and this is what encouraged the phenomenon of illegal smuggling under the preoccupation with the state anti-terrorism and security in the country, and sees Abu Walid that the reluctance of the Iraqi citizen meat
Exclusive to the fact that the price of a kilo of it is equivalent to three times the importer, there is a vast difference between (16) thousand and five thousand dinars, which represents the price of a kilogram imported, and thus became the turnout towards it for granted according to the word
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