Central asks taxes for 42 people imported goods at half billion dollars during the 3 months only

Showed correspondences, published by the (long) day, refused to tax cooperation with the central bank to reveal dozens of companies which has transferred half a billion dollars during the three months Authority
And showed documents, which continues (range) in the seventh episode of the tale of corruption in the banks and companies, the Tax Authority has neglected the three letters addressed to the Iraqi Central Bank requesting information about a list of 42 people they deal with Huda Bank, and participate in the currency auction.
The central bank indicates that the importing companies bought more than $ 500 million to cover the import lists, and remittances has cross-Huda Bank.
According to the lists sent to the central tax authority, the (Al Ghazal) diverted $ 24 million for the import of shoes and sports equipment. It has also (Wadi Al Rayan) transfer of $ 72.6 million for the import of pipes and water pumps.
I turned to (iris company) the amount of 92.8 million dollars for the purchase of ovens and coolers and oil heaters.
It has also (proof company) transferred $ 40.8 million for the purpose of importing Laptops and printers, the company also conducted (Upper Valley) remittances B33.5 million to buy clothes and shoes children.
The documents published in previous issues, has revealed that the Bank of guidance to the process of converting 163 to the dollar to abroad for dozens of local companies.
According to the documents, contained in the communications of the Central Bank, 85 of these operations it took place without the balances of these statements