Czech Defense Minister Martin Strupnitsky: continue to support Iraq militarily against "terrorism"
2015-11-21 03:44:15 |

(Voice of Iraq) - Prague - Sohail Hassan Nader

The Minister of Defense Czech, Martin Strupnitsky, that his country continues to support Iraq to combat terrorism, and the organization "Daash" mainly, which now represents an international problem reflects many of the painful and complex challenges of today's world ...
This came during a meeting with the minister Strupnitsky, to Iraq's ambassador to the Czech Republic, Walid Hamid Cltag, that the price of his submissions, and progress of the Czech Republic for his country of military aid, renewed interest in the development of cooperation between the two sides in the field of defense, as well as in the training of personnel affairs, industries and military equipment.
While the minister noted the Czech Republic to implement many of the agreements with Iraq, also confirmed that other trends in the way for closer military cooperation and defense-based, and the continuation of the Czech aid represented by Agiraagira ammunition, weapons, and most recently a new shipment to Baghdad, have been moved with the help of the United States ..
This has coincided confirm Czech Defense Minister in this regard, with the delivery of Iraq, last week, a number of aircraft (159) fighter, while launched today to Baghdad, Erbil and shipment of 50 tons of hand grenades and machine guns releases own ..So ... I told Jacob to Andowska, Deputy Secretary of Defense during the Czech Shipping recent ammunition to Iraq ceremony of "Pardubice" military airport, that this meal contains ten million rounds of machine guns, and grenade five thousand. And it will be followed by shipments Akhary- Gariba- containing ammunition for the guns and anti-armor ..
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