Kurdish lawmaker: lack of confidence prevented the implementation of the terms of the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil

MP for the National Alliance, Beeston just that the negotiations between the central government and the provincial government about the oil accord heading to the solution as to promote relations between the two parties.
He told all of Iraq [where], said that "all Iraqis in front of a big problem Daash represented by the danger of terrorist gangs, because this danger affecting all regions of the country, from region to central and western provinces, and we hope to be agreed".
He added that "there is reluctance by both sides in implementing the terms of the agreement because of the mistrust and lack of understanding between the Baghdad government and the provincial government."
He said the "agreement, which was concluded at the beginning of the formation of the current government, is that the export of 550 000 barrels of oil per day through the region in exchange for giving the region the financial entitlements, but the two parties did not fulfill their obligations according to this agreement," .