In the state (confusion at this moment) .. (morning) and published Abadi form a committee to investigate and central denies

Central Bank of Iraq denied the report published by associates newspaper (morning) on ​​the disappearance of the semi-official (10) billion dollars from him and demanded the Iraqi Media Network to investigate the reasons of this news. In light of what was published by the (morning) ordered Mr. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi formation of an urgent inquiry into the circumstances of the disappearance of the $ 10 billion from the central bank has contacted the Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Ali Keywords network Iraqi media and asked for an investigation in the matter of publication of this news and to exercise the local media accuracy and credibility. We ask not allowed to get on with it and we are in the state is supposed to know very well (her head from her legs) and when they do not know that we've come to the stage state (confusion at this moment).