Khatib Rahman national card Amendment Act is "contrary to the Constitution" and calls for an all-out war on "terrorism"
2015-11-20 23:07:39 |
(Voice of Iraq) Baghdad counting orator and mosque in Baghdad Adel Rahman Al-Saadi, on Friday, amending article 26 of law national card or cancellation "blatant violation of the Constitution" and called on Parliament to maintain "sanctity of Islam and do not violate Islamic law and the Constitution", as the world called an all-out war against "terrorism".

Sheikh Adel Al-Saadi said during Friday prayers at a mosque in Baghdad, Rahman attended, (range), "one of the most important events of the last week and is the unified national card law and disagreement on article 26 of the law, provided that the minor with his parents and if safest one right Muslim brothers opposed this paragraph is required to keep the minor to a parent of a non-Muslim religion".

Saadi, promised "difference to this flagrant violation of the Constitution", stating that "this reference called which held that the abolition of the article or even returned to Parliament after the President rejected ratification mistake, issued a statement which returned to article 26 of the Act, the approval of the Constitution and human rights and abolition historical error".

Saadi added that "all components of other religious identity is not reasonably unacceptable", adding that "Muslims have the right to maintain their identity, and the Constitution requires the health laws of non violation of Islam and constants of micro constants of Islam that followed the religion of one of the parents if a Muslim, if he has reached the age of majority to choose the religion that satisfied them".

Called the preacher, to "preserve the sanctity of Islam and Sharia law is not illegal and do not violate the Constitution reference you invoke mechanism partners which stated that Islam the source of legislation basis".

And in another side that drew Al-Saadi "the world witnessed a new and horrific events", expressing regret that "what happened in France of terrorism long innocent".

He said Saedi, "President of the United States believes that such attacks are an assault against humanity", wondering "who founded this community and provide them with weapons and trained".

Saadi, invited States to "launch an all-out war against terrorism through concerted efforts and coordination between information technology and information sharing, and drying up the funding groups and not buying oil from them and cut off their supply of arms, and to hold States and supporting terrorism".

And President Fouad Massoum, (17 November 2015), unified national card law to Parliament for reconsideration of article for minorities, in response to a request from some political blocs and religious components, confirmed its determination to establish the principle of citizenship and minority rights protection.

The House of representatives voted, in (17 November 2015), the wording of a resolution to amend article 26 of the law on national minorities card in line with the Constitution.

United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), criticized (16 November 2015) national card Act in Iraq, pointing out that religious minorities in this law is threatened, and expressed fear the Iraqi minorities from "fate similar to Jews", stressed the need to "eliminate extremism".

The Chaldean Patriarch was in Iraq and the world, Saint Louis Raphael first Saco, (11 November 2015), refusing to act on a unified national card, returned it contrary to the principles of human rights and violates the Iraqi Constitution, while surprised at the attention the House minors Christians leaving the basics, once again threatened to resort to the world against Parliament.

The Chaldean Patriarch was in Iraq and world Mar Luis Rafael Saco, called first (10 November 2015), Muslim personalities, civil society organizations and the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights in Iraq, to participate in the protest against the law on the national card, middle of next week, as the President called it back to Parliament for amendment, threatened once again with the possibility of recourse to the International Court for a lawsuit against the House if the amending Act.

Mentioned that the Chamber of Deputies, approved (27 October 2015), unified national card bill, while commenting on the minority deputies (31 last month), attending Parliament sessions in protest of the law, especially with regard to the registration of the child is a minor religion they antagonized the parents that this constitutes "discrimination and coercion on the creed".