The three presidencies are looking the latest political and security developments in the country
Date: March 20, 2015

Baghdad/Iraq News Network said the three presidencies, to expedite the adoption of the draft budget law for 2016. presidential statement said: "President Fouad Massoum and Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, head of the House of Salim al-Jabouri met at the Peace Palace in Baghdad Thursday evening during the meeting to discuss major political and economic issues and discuss ways to further strengthen the victories daash in various areas and eliminate the terrorist threat, and secures supplies edit cities and villages and further security plans to ensure this." the meeting emphasized the statement. "

The importance of the development of peaceful co-existence between the citizens and the atmosphere and the tension in these circumstances the task of the people and the country, "referring to recent events in touz khormato caused clashes between the peshmerga and the crowd and killing members of the two sides." three presidencies also confirmed to combine all efforts to accomplish various bills and completed and the speed of its legislation, including budget law for next year. ", in reference to the bombings and terrorist attacks in more than one State stressed" Iraq's opinion that daash terrorist organization Universality and constitute a real threat not only to Iraq but to all mankind and requires the need to strengthen work and international efforts at various levels believes eradicating this menace ".