Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region reveals the natural gas export

By Roudao

3 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

Minister of Natural Resources revealed drastically in the Kurdistan region, from the city of Istanbul in Turkey, for the export of natural gas over the next year.

Drastically and he said, "We can raise natural gas exports over the next four years to 20 billion cubic meters per day."

Hawrami added, that "we will begin the process of exporting natural gas in the near future, and scheduled to export 20 billion cubic meters by 2019 from natural gas."

Hawrami explained that: "the province of Kurdistan and since 9 months working on the development of natural gas, but used in only within the region, and we are now seeking to develop this area further, to get to the export in the coming years."

The Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region, that "the region contract with Canal Energy Company and several other companies to develop this area and establish a structure for the export of natural gas, and have export via Turkey."