Legal expert: the decision to sack the Governor of Salah al-Din and his replacement by the Agency against the law

(Voice of Iraq) legal expert, said Tariq Harb, Friday, that the decision by some members of the Salahuddin province Governor Raed al-Jabburi's dismissal and the appointment of Governor of another agency, contrary to the provisions of Act No. 21 of 2008.

War, he said in a statement received by Al-sumaria news copy, "Salah al-Din governorate Council resolution 19/11/2015 to dismiss the Governor and appointed Governor of agency suit breaches the provisions of law No. 21/2008 as amended by Act No. 15/2010 law governorates that are not organized in the territory", stating that "paragraphs (4) and (5) of item VIII of article VII of this Act added to the amendment Bill, the Governor granted the article right to challenge the decision of the provincial Council to the administrative court within (15) days granted The Court of appeal judgement during the thirty (30) days ".

War, he said, that "those paragraphs under the Governor to conduct the work of the province during that period and pending a court decision on the ratification of the resolution of the provincial Council to sack the Governor", adding that "This means that the Governor and his authority persist after the dismissal of the provincial Council and the provincial Council shall not assign another agency and Governor pending the Court's decision, and thus the Salahuddin province Governor appointed another contrary to the legal texts mentioned".

War, he said that "the continuation of the Governor after his dismissal and pending the Court's decision is not new with the same Governor of Dhi Qar and Ninawa and Diyala Governor Governor and Governor of Najaf".

It is worth noting that a number of members of the Salah al-Din governorate Council held on Thursday (November 19, 2015), meeting at the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad to take a series of decisions including the sacking of Governor Raed al-Jabouri and set Liam conservative alternative.

And denied Salahuddin Governor Raed al-Jabouri, today, submitted the resignation of his position, and told not to attend the meeting, Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to stop "this mess" under tense security conditions experienced by Saladin.

The leadership warned the crowd popular cream Noori, today, as political attempts by "bidders" to confuse the security situation in Salahuddin province, referring to the deepening internal disputes and preoccupation with political problems that would impact negatively on the stability of the province.