Sistani rejects the demographic changes of the forces of Shiite and Kurdish
Dr. Osama Mehdi

Warned Shiite cleric in Iraq, Sistani day of attempts to Shiite and Kurdish forces to change the demography of some mixed areas, and impose a fait accompli on the editor of the organization "Daash" areas .. While two targeting Friday Hussein, and the gathering of security in the south of Baghdad, which killed and wounded about thirty people.

BAGHDAD: Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai Certified Reference top Shi'ite cleric in Iraq, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, said during his Friday sermon in the city of Karbala (110 km) south of Baghdad, today and pursued "Culture", through the local channels, the battle waged by Iraq against al "Daash" his thought exclusionary and approach the bloody brutal is a battle of destiny, where proven recent practices of Russian airliner bombing over the Egyptian Sinai, and Tvjerath in Beirut and Paris, which claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people, demonstrated the need to cope with this organization, and mobilization of all efforts to eliminate it. . noting that the Iraqis now stand at the forefront of fighting these terrorists, and achieve victories on them, and that will be the fruit of all Iraqis without discrimination.

He noted that so it is on all Iraqi factions employ all their energies to battle one is the fight against terrorism .. calling on them not to allow deviation battle for the right track, and sow discord among the Iraqi people, and are exploited by organizing "Daash", benefiting in spreading its terrorism and committing crimes.
He pointed out that what finally happened in the city of Tuz in northeastern Baghdad (inhabited by Arabs, Turkmen and Kurds, has seen during the last ten days of armed clashes between Shiite crowd and popular Peshmerga Kurdish and killings, abductions, displacement and burning of property sons components forces) What finally got calling on the government to take action to ensure non-recurrence of such incidents, and work to achieve peaceful coexistence between the components on the basis of law and the right to live in dignity and to achieve stability.

Certified Sistani stressed the need not to exploit the unstable situation which is currently taking place in Iraq to impose a fait accompli on some areas, because it will lead to more complications and more will hurt all the ingredients. He stressed the need for safe living for all components, referring to the rejection of attempts to change the demographics of the areas that is released from the control of the organization Daash, the latest of Sinjar, of the northern province of Nineveh, which the President of Kurdistan announced reassign the region, and raise the flag of Kurdistan it.
Karbalai called to perpetuate the battle momentum against "Daash", through the promotion of the spirit of steadfastness and support for the fighters, "to cleanse the land of the whole Iraq from Conception these gangs" .. pointing out that "the people who could challenge of terrorism and cars bombs throughout the years, is able to perpetuate the momentum Wins in the current battle to reach the final victory. "

Warning of security breaches in the visit the death of Imam Hussein
On the visit of the death of Imam Hussein in Karbala, which participates in the next week, millions of Iraqis and hundreds of thousands of Arab and foreign Muslims, especially from Iran, Sheikh Alcirbeia of attempted security breach has warned, and damage to visitors, who called on them to cooperate with the security forces in this area.

He pointed out that millions of people will go on foot to Karbala to renew the Covenant of Hussein in the BIOS on the principles, urging them to abide by the teachings of the religion and avoid taboo. He said the fighters in the fronts of confrontation with the organization "Daash" who Iromon participate in this Arbain can be performed from positions that embody the principles of Islam through addressing this deviant organization about Islam, and access to the stature of God through their defense of Iraq and its people and their sanctities.

He added that the hoped visitors and owners processions to maintain their public and private property and not to crowd out the mechanisms and vehicles transporting visitors and keep clean path .. stressing the need to cooperate with the security forces to enable it to perform its duty to the fullest and protect the lives of millions of participants in the visit.

Bombings targeted Shiite shrine and a gathering of security
Today, the number of dead and wounded fell in the twin bombings in the Shiite shrine south of Baghdad, targeted a gathering and security. A source in the Iraqi Interior Ministry said nine people had been killed and wounded when a roadside bomb near the Shiite shrine of Imam Reza in the south-east of Baghdad.

He said the bomb exploded near the shops in the street electricity station in Yusufiyah area in southeastern Baghdad, killing one person and wounding eight others were injured. He added that the security force rushed to the scene, and transported the wounded to a nearby hospital for treatment, and the body of the dead man to the forensic medicine department, in a raid and search operation carried out to search for the perpetrators of the bombing.

So after a suicide bomber targeted a gathering of the security forces after the bomb that targeted worshipers in Yusufiyah explosion. A security source said that a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt blew himself up after the advent of the security forces and brought them together near the scene of the accident near Husseini. He added that "the suicide blast killed six people and wounded about 18 others in the initial toll," explaining that the security forces arrived to the scene, and ambulances rushed the injured to a nearby hospital, and the bodies of the dead to the forensic medicine department.

The security situation in Baghdad is witnessing bloody bombings between now and then, where the United Nations Mission in Iraq announced, "UNAMI" finally killing and injuring more than 1,700 Iraqis during the month of October (October) the past operations of violence witnessed different parts of the country.