Iraqi armed factions ask for more money to fight the Islamic State test Abadi
2015-11-20 01:24:06 |
Iraqi armed factions ask for more money to fight the Islamic State test Abadi

(Voice of Iraq) Reuters resist Iraqi armed factions-the looking turn as necessary to fight State regulation-moves to reduce their budget which highlights the challenge to impose Government authority over one of the most powerful and influential forces in the country.

Faced with declining revenues due to the low point price plans Iraq country member of the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) to make extensive cuts in the budget next year and Government spending is expected to decline about 10 percent to about $ 95 billion.

And complain about armed factions including the so-called popular crowd forces backed by Iran's Shiite government in Baghdad plans to exclude the tens of thousands of its members instead of accepting the request of financing 156 1,000 next year.

Saad Al-Hadithi denied Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi no intention to cut jobs for fighters of the popular crowd.

He said that about 100,000 alone teaming up in 2015 and that the Government will continue to be funded at a cost of about $ 1 billion but it will lift 50,000 salary dedicated fighters were expected to register but that did not happen.

Hadithi stressed that financing will be available if the number of enrolled next year but the popular crowd wants to secure government funding now.

The dispute reflects a rejection of Government control directly on the popular crowd, which is run by the Prime Minister's Office but composed of fighters with links and loyalties to a range of different faction leaders and politicians and religious leaders.

Sajjad horses Iraqi analyst provides advice to Government "preferred the popular crowd to get the total amount to be distributed to combatants as he considers appropriate to control its own budget, as is the case for the defence and interior ministries. But the Government does not want to approve that. "said Ahmed Al-Saadi, spokesman crowd that 550 million dollars was requested to provide weapons, ammunition and other supplies.

Besides, he said that next year's spending pressure hoped Abadi in preventing the crowd popular official government institution may pay their leaders for example positions through elections expected in 2017 and 2018.

But the Prime Minister also avoids consideration of him as an obstacle in their way which might bring him criticism and push them to resort to non-government funders.

Armed Iraqi factions increased, which supplied Iran with arms and training-influential and popular since the thrust to front lines in June 2014 after the Declaration of the Organization of the Islamic State by State succession in areas north and West of the country stretching up to the Syrian border.

The popular crowd forces denies funding to non-Iraqi Government but some factions that provide thousands of fighters to the popular crowd engaged in a separate window in other activities and is believed to maintain alternative sources of financing.

And formed armed group leaders and political allies, one of the biggest potential challenges to Abbadi who strive to enhance his grip since taking power in September 2014 despite support from the United States and Iran alike.

While the popular crowd forces denies that any political aspirations, that for much of the political wings of the armed factions and enjoyed broad popular support after a series of victories over Islamic State at a time when the army collapsed almost twice before a hard-line Sunni organization fighters.

He said Al-Saadi, spokesman of the popular crowd that armed factions looking to be part of the security establishment, although this does not necessarily mean integration in existing institutions as army and police.

Besides, he said "they understand that the time has come to get the respect they deserve by politicians and formalizing their relationships with the State.", adding that this requires identifying funding sources and put under official auspices and her stricken by.

And last December in the framework of reforms and attempts to fight corruption, the Prime season to 50,000 "phantom soldiers" and their army did not exist but they are on the payroll.

This practice led to the enrichment of some commanders and military power weakened and accelerated the collapse in front of the Islamic State.

Some questioned whether competition for funding within the groups formed for the popular crowd had caused to inflate their numbers. Besides, he said that there was certainly concern in the Government that whatever money that is paid, it is not entirely accurate.

Saadi said that was not the case. He said "this is illogical and based on false accusations. If we calculate our foreheads and what we need from the meter we need at least add 50 percent to the current enumerator so pulls fronts that ehna Maskin.

He said that since February the popular crowd forces salaries paid to 130 thousand fighters, including 20, 000 for the injured and disabled guests.

Hadi al-Ameri, addressed senior commander Badr organization is a political movement armed wing contributed thousands of combatants in the crowd popular Parliament days before to clarify the importance of increased allocations to the fighters.

He said Amri, who rushed to the front lines last year to halt the advance of the Islamic State towards Baghdad despite that time was Minister for transport to the popular crowd capable of editing but that would require Iraq to provide the required capacity and men and equipment.

Supporters feared that the critic Abbadi had exploited popular crowd budget to score political case that attracted widespread support among MPs and the Commons.

Rubaie said-and is a senior parliamentarian from the ruling coalition led by Al-Abadi, a former adviser to the national security "there is already an anti-American feeling Abadi in Parliament due to the reform plan.

"People don't want the loss of their economic or political influence. This will be another obstacle to him because of the celebrity crowd. "(Sameh Al-bardissi bulletin Arabic-edit Mohamed Abdel Aal)