Iraqi oil sink America
2015-11-20 00:41:04 |

(Voice of Iraq) twilight news announced statistics "Platts" published by the us Department of energy emergency, that the United States had stepped up import of Iraqi oil between August and September.

These vast quantities of imported oil to increase the number of oil reserve, which helped to reduce crude oil prices, to $ 40.06 a barrel, lowest cost him four months ago, and low cost 12 percent since November last year.

"Daash" increases tension lifting oil prices

Comes the rise in Iraqi oil exports with a time when the Middle East tension, security conditions, and the time when France was lifted, the United States and Russia from the intensity of airstrikes in Syria against the Islamic State in Iraq, the Levant, or the so-called "daash" media, particularly after the attacks in Paris by the Organization last week.

And usually such security conditions had come to fear global oil supply dispersion and raise oil prices sharply, but this time, we have not seen this scenario.

Indeed here indicates that the Middle East contains a lot of oil, which may miss the AWE dispersion distribution of crude oil, the main reasons for the lack of stock market turmoil, stressing the indicator "Greed" and Fear of CNNMoney that fears among businessmen and investment is "neutral" after the record for fear of them two months ago.

Get ready for a greater flow of Iraqi oil

Iraq has upgraded its production of oil this year, despite his battles against organized "daash" and low oil prices, production of "huge" you provided States of the Organization of the "OPEC" world provided "enormous economic pillow" three billion barrels of oil around the world, according to the International Energy Agency.

Is expected to increase oil production from oil-exporting countries by about 1 million barrels a day this year, thanks to increased production by Iraq and expects unit stats "Platts" take part of this oil his way to the United States.

Cheaper oil filter in the Gulf comes this change because of the simple fact that it is cheaper for the oil producers to obtain certain kinds of oil refinery in the Gulf rather than filtered by Europe.

Official Statistics say "Platts" Luciano batistini, "Gulf Coast provides the best economic conditions, it is the place that you want to send profits

The United States imported 521 thousand barrels of oil per day during the last week of the month of October, which is high compared to after you import any barrels for several weeks during the month of August.

It is noteworthy that the United States imports oil from sources other than Iraq, during the last week of October, America imported nearly 900 barrels a day from Saudi Arabia, around three million barrels from Canada.