Interpol identifies 5800 "foreign extremist" out of 25,000 in Iraq and Syria
2015-11-20 00:50:53 |

(Voice of Iraq) twilight news identified Interpol identity 5800 "foreign extremist" of some 25,000 people joined groups "extremist" in countries like Syria and Iraq, as the President of the international organization of police cooperation.

Interpol Director, Jorgen stock, speaking in Seville, southern Spain, on the occasion of a Conference on the fight against "terrorism".
Stock said that "the Organization so far has identified approximately 5800 the alien fighters, suspected extremists, came from more than 50 countries", pointing out that the full number of those ykodrb 25,000 people.

He also called for more cooperation among States in this field, stressing that "the information based on the work of the police and that this information must reach the Interpol".

And held by security forces of the World Conference in Seville for three days, aiming to exchange information on the fight against "terrorism".