Clear eidak balhait. (Not) having to reshuffle soon

Reward: what does Israel candidate in Sinjar ya Governments of Kurdistan and Baghdad?!
Khazaali threatened (descend) the street be cancel government allocations of Heroes popular crowd and muzzles altnabelh security Baghdad warns of worsening security in the capital in (any time) wrote the editor accelerates the scenes political and security developments in the country in an irregular rhythm, which means access for unpleasant surprises do not wish to receive because we are in a position to further fragmentation and slide around sharp edges have trundle them loss showed calls for Iraqi political parties rise to the level of responsibility for addressing risks And challenges in order to spare the people don't want blood ngia shed by knives, treachery and terrorism has revealed the Security Committee in Baghdad provincial Council on the reasons for non-application of the orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi on disarmament of Karrada and Mansur districts and Kadhimiya in warning of the deteriorating security situation in the capital at any moment!
Committee Member said Saad demands that each coat of arms has been evacuated from those areas but there are some armed manifestations belonging to party headquarters escorts especially Karrada walgadrih regions have become the headquarters for many politicians or political block and associates of the popular crowd and there are gunmen to protect them but to those licensed to carry arms, adding that orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces have implemented some of them noting that open a port for the green area of Muthanna airport toward a suspension bridge can citizens pass, ironically Unpleasant that shows Israel's former presidential candidate (Bernard levy) and is wandering in Sinjar, accompanied by the peshmerga is exploring benazorh behind the curtain is there and we have the right to ask the Governments in Baghdad and Kurdistan as the candidate of the former Israel to Sinjar and what the Kurds wanted to convey messages and will Bernard substitute Secretary Peshmerga Denies? Or would it be the Minister of defence of the Republic of Iraq? It is indeed shameful and puzzling that the Governments in Baghdad and Kurdistan, silent and did not explain on both had an acute sense or abnormal presence of Israeli officials over the Iraqi territory at last threatened, Secretary-General of AAH Sheikh qais Al-khazaali, take to the streets if the Government cancelled the popular crowd, calling on government allocations to respond and make appropriate adjustments and convincing about balance crowd said khazaali said in a statement on the sidelines of a meeting with Secretary General of the Badr organization, Hadi al-Amri had been addressing the theme of balancing the popular crowd and needs to win Adding Ťall agree and all Iraqi people agreed that the crowd had their roots resistant base during this period role in land clearance and make sacrifices, we say that the heroes crowd grass deserve all of them credited in big cities is protection from falling between the tusks and aldwaash them credit for protecting the dignity and honor of Iraq accordingly call upon the Government not to cancel allocations of heroes and dead altnabelh and all the traitors who handed over our cities and villages to organize terrorist, daash went where havoc and devastation in developments also A spokesman for Prime Minister Saad Al-Hadithi, "directed" to reshuffle soon, adding that it is up to the House if the Government decided that while natural resources Minister in the Kurdistan Regional Government echtay hawrami details of oil export revenues by region, noting that States buy oil of Kurdistan reported to date (10).