The Governor of Najaf demanded the formation of a "body" for managing visits millions
2015-11-19 23:48:44 |

(Voice of Iraq)-Najaf Najaf Governor called for Loai Al-yasiri, Thursday, the Department of transportation to create a railroad between Najaf and Karbala to transport visitors during visits millions, and demanded the formation of a supreme body of management of those visits, he stressed the need to provide transportation "suitable" for visitors.

Al-yasseri said, during his participation in the Conference of the Central and southern governorates, held today in the city of Karbala to attend the Transport Minister and the Commander of the mid-Euphrates and attended (range), that "there is a marked increase in the number of visitors participating in the forty-visit requiring radical solutions because of the big momentum for visitors".

He called Al-yasiri, to "create a railway between the two counties as well as the highest governmental body competent to manage the country's million visits this requirement all Iraqi governorates and Najaf specifically".

He called Al-yasiri, the Transport Ministry that "there is a serious transfer of visitors and especially to provide decent buses to transport visitors from the defective that there is transport in buses exposed as cars and other pregnancy", stressing "the need to continue seriously to complete the strategic line of cars return visitors of Karbala towards Najaf".

The Ministry of transport in collaboration with other ministries and service departments of middle Euphrates governorates are mobilized annually all its transportation during the visit in order to secure the return of millions of visitors after the completion of the visit in the city of Karbala.

Forty-one visit is the most important visits to Shiite Muslims where Shiite Muslims from the South and centre provinces individually and collectively early in zero walk to Karbala, with airports and border gates receives Shiite Muslims from various countries, Arabic and Muslim participation in visit to honor Imam Hussein, the third Twelver Shi'a imams, to pray in the same month, which coincides with the visit of (the) or the return of the head of al-Husayn and his groups and supporters who died in the battle of Karbala in 61 of the migration, and becoming the practice or ritual tradition annually after The collapse of the former regime, which was putting severe restrictions on the exercise of the Shi'a faith.