Deputy: the adoption of the budget on oil by 83% imbalance economy and call to find other resources

Follow-up - and babysit - criticized Attorney Kawa Mohamed block Kurdish change the draft federal budget for the 2016 law, and promised to adopt the budget on oil by 83%, "imbalance" in the Iraqi economy, and called for finding other resources to increase the resources of the state, it demanded to allocate ten billion dinars to the province of Halabja.

Said Mohammed in a press conference building, the House of Representatives with members of his bloc and attended the news agency public opinion (and babysit) today Akhamis that "block change has notes on the budget, especially with regard to oil revenues and calculate the price of a barrel of oil worth $ 45 as the price My guess," returned that price. " He exaggerated. "

"The non-oil revenues this year of Trliuna and 729 million and 290 thousand dinars, while oil revenues ratio represents 83% of the total revenue budget which reflects an imbalance structurally in the Iraqi economy," noting that "the proportion of investment expenditure in the current budget law represents a ratio of 27 %, "returned the ratio" very low ".

He called for a "find other alternatives to increase government revenue," and urged the government "to allocate 10 billion dinars to the province of Halabja, which is the symbol of the struggle of what has happened in the extermination during the previous regime."

Mohammed stressed "the need to exchange amounts of petro dollars owed to all the provinces, especially the province of Kirkuk."

He called for a change to the "Edit item I of Article IX of the budget, which identified the share of the Kurdistan region of 17% of the total current and investment expenditures of the federal budget," questioning "the government's ability to repay investment loans, which burden the Iraqi economy."