Adoption of smart card for the disbursement of the beginning of 2016 teachers and teachers' salaries

It revealed the teachers' union in Basra for the direction of the Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal adoption of the smart card in the payment of salaries in the education of Basra Directorate to address the delay in the exchange, after his meeting with head of the Iraqi teachers and union branches in the provinces.

The captain said teachers in Basra Kazem Saber Radio tow to the Minister of Education Muhammad Iqbal issued a directive the need to accelerate the adoption of smart card in raising the pay of employees of Basra early next year to overcome the problem of delay in payment of salaries by the banks.

Between Saber and that the problem of overcrowding and the adoption of a dedicated bank for the delivery of salaries is causing great suffering to school administrations, stressing that that suffering will end early in 2016 after the adoption of the smart card for teachers and teachers in the payment of salaries on time.