The disappearance of billions of the Central Bank paid Abadi assigned to intelligence officials to restrict the movement of 4

He asked the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, the intelligence service of imposing tight control on the movement of a group of senior politicians for fear of leaving Iraq in the wake of the disappearance of 10 billion dollars from the Iraqi Central Bank reserves. Sources: The Abadi ladder intelligence service list bearing the names of four of the window figures are likely to be behind the disappearance of $ 10 billion could not be reached for these sources to know these names.

Abadi and summoned the Governor of the Central Bank acting on the Keywords and asked him to open intensive investigations with all the bank's employees, without exception, in the case of the disappearance of $ 10 billion from the central bank reserves of $ 67 billion and falling to $ 58 billion. A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, Ali Fayad, in a statement received AGENCY News today a copy of it, shows that the German pumps that have been installed useless and this is wasting financial resources of Iraq and which relate to the proceeds of the oil that was supposed to be exported through those pumps.