MPs are demanding an increase of Wasit governorate budget and pay the dues of petrodollars

Deputies Wasit province student, an increase of conservative allocations in the budget next year 2016. Deputies said the province, at a press conference building of the House of Representatives attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where], that "conservative allocations in a few budget 2016 do not meet the necessary commitments", noting that "the budget in 2015 did not do justice to the province."

They added that "the government spent 21 billion dinars out of 220.5 billion dinars, which means less than 9% of the budget and Wasit in this year ", arguing that" anything that did not distract from the petrodollars of 95 billion dinars since 2013, Marf corporate debt to 120 billion dinars. "He called deputy governors to "fairness and Wasit increase their allocations and add border crossing points in the budget which identified 50% by provincial law revenues," and argued, "We have not had these revenues since 2013 and so far has not been the development of border crossing points." They explained, "in the budget of 2016 has been allocated 63 billion dinars for the development of the regions, and 95 billion dinars to the dollar Petro it does not meet the needs of the province amounting to 300 billion dinars, ".