Iraqi insurance legislation demanding the law requires all citizens to insurance and stresses: the outcome of the collective activity of 46 billion dinars

Iraqi general insurance company, confirmed that there is a lack of insurance awareness in Iraq, and has indicated that it paid the remainder of the faithful loans have banks in the event of death, and as stressed the need for legislation compulsory insurance law for all citizens, as this of interest to them, confirmed that the collective activity proceeds of insurance amount 46 billion Iraqi dinars.
The director general of the agency for the company, Abbas Shahid, in an exclusive interview with the (long-Presse), "The company is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Finance and is authorized to exercise the different types of life insurance and funds in accordance with international standard documents accepted," adding that "the company has been able after 2003 from achieving their plans and headed to secure the reconstruction of Iraq and its national and human Altherutin projects. "
He martyr, that "the insurance process is facing two problems, the first weakness of private insurance awareness among the classes that do not exercise a significant economic activity, ignorance of the concept of insurance, and the other for the novelty of this activity in Iraq and practice on a small scale," noting that "insurance companies bear part of the problem being It will not focus on public awareness and organize a wide advertising campaigns as a result of the limited financial allocations. "
He explained Director-General of the agency for the insurance company of the Iraqi public, that "the company found a modern way of e-commerce through the use of evidence Iraq trade, and the dissemination of advertisements across corporate websites, also prepared illustrations for services message," pointing out that "the company's experts and Khavera visiting companies wishing to insurance for Search gaps and ways to address them and correct storage ways to avoid accidents, and to spread awareness of insurance. "
The promise of a martyr, that "the nature of the insurance activity is linked to economic activity and reconstruction projects," stressing that "the company haste to go for any project and display documents on those who support it."
And the Director-General of the insurance company, that "the greatest achievement of the company is a large-scale move towards government and private banks that lend to citizens to put forward the idea of ​​insurance on the lives of the borrowers against the risk of death and terrorism, taking advantage of its expertise in this area with the Land Bank, which extends for more than half a century ".
Male martyr, that "the company paid the remainder of the loan to the bank the amount in the event of the death of the borrower insured his life to it, to keep the housing unit owned by his family," he continued that "the company has successfully contracted with banks, Rafidain and Rasheed, agricultural, industrial and real estate, insurance on the lives of borrowers, covering more than two million borrowers "now".
And it went on the Director General and the Agency for the insurance company, that "some people mistakenly believed that the banks are of stroke loans to the deceased, ignoring that the insurance company is to pay the remaining balance discharged if they are believers their lives have," pointing out that "the company has expanded its activity to include borrowers to buy cars insurance through their lives and their vehicles against fire, theft or terrorism incidents, also included the activity of peasants, accept as compensation to a person's life and one million dinars monthly premium of only 12 thousand dinars. "
The promise of a martyr, so that the "orientation received approvingly citizens, especially after the company paid huge amounts of money to borrowers who died before the payment of their religion", and went on that "the company believes in the life of a borrower take a loan from the government as well as a large number of ministries and staff."
He went Agency Director General of the insurance company of the Iraqi public, saying that "the company paid to the families of the martyrs of the popular crowd and compensatory amounts paid their debts, including recognition of their sacrifice."
And the martyr, "The insurance companies in the world stands on two pillars The first is the size of insurance premiums, which are meant to be withheld as part of the precautions, and the second is to invest the funds that it receives, and rely on the three regulations, the first to invest in the field of content does not accept the loss, diversity and the second, third and profitability. "
According to Director General of the agency for the insurance company of the Iraqi public, that "the company is investing a lot of real estate in various cities of Iraq, other and have in the process of investing, as well as properties seized by the organizing Daash in the usurped territories," following up "The company millions of shares and contributions capitals sector companies have Kalmhrobat mixed gas and other industrial companies, as well as a credit investment amounts put in fixed deposits take the financial revenue. "
He went martyr, that "collective activity proceeds of the planned public present in 2015, amounting to 46 billion dinars, the actual investigator from $ 30 billion, an implementation rate of 60%," noting that "the planned general insurance of nine billion dinars, effective from 11 billion, by the implementation of 125%, and individual insurance five billion, four billion by the actual implementation of 83%. "
He criticized the Director-General of the agency general of Iraq to the insurance company, "the absence of compulsory insurance in Iraq, with the exception of insurance of civil liability arising from the use of cars when the process run over or accident, there is a box with the national insurance company pays compensation, and there was a mandatory lock on engineering insurance Articles in the terms of contract required the contractor to pay the insurance in order to compensate the injured worker or the collapse of the building, but recently canceled ".
He martyr, that "some banks forced borrowers to insurance so as to ensure their rights as what had been any accident," adding, "But there is no law that obliges banks to insurance."
He called on the Director General Agency general of the Iraqi insurance company, to the need for "the issuance of compulsory insurance law for all citizens as this has the benefit of them," stressing that "the insurance company is always trying to be an array of customers to compensate them when subjected to any accident."
And on the fraud on the insurance companies, counting martyr, it is a "global state is not limited only to Iraq," noting that "the company's controls and Scouts as they employ the expertise of civil defense archives investigative under controls the state to assess the accident and the payment of insurance or not."
The Director General of the agency for the insurance company of the Iraqi public, that "the market Shorja, central Baghdad, was excluded from insurance because of poor storage and the difficulty of fire trucks pass, but the urgency of customers forced Association of Insurance Companies, which includes government and private insurance companies, to establish Shorja complex, and all mutually supportive to pay compensation to those affected. "
He revealed a martyr, for "the existence of nearly 30 civil insurance company in Iraq, including strangers two companies compete with one another with the General Insurance Company to offer its services and share their experiences," noting that those "companies sometimes meet to secure a huge project."