Dawa Party disrupts pass "to determine States" under the pretext of targeting al-Maliki project applies retroactively and includes non-consecutive sessions

House of Representatives has not succeeded so far in defining the mandates of the three presidencies in Law completed his first and second readings, and objected to by the Islamic Dawa Party, which believes that "came a detailed does not return its general secretary Nuri al-Maliki to become prime minister," expressing his surprise at the presence of text in the project makes it into effect retroactively, including from assume the position for eight years and that were not
consecutive., said the legal committee member of the parliamentary Salim Chawki said in a statement to the "New Morning", "The House of Representatives had completed the first and second readings of the law defining the mandates presidencies."
He continued Shawki, MP Bloc citizens, that "the project has reached the stage of voting," As noted, "included on the agenda of most of the session", however, saying "every time surprised at the request withdrawn by the Islamic Dawa Party, and respond to him the Presidency of the Parliament."
He pointed out that " law came on the wording of the draft by the Presidency for some time.
"he said, adding that" the Legal Committee conducted by some of the amendments, commensurate with the democratic atmosphere and not to the return of dictatorship in Iraq.
"He pointed Shawki to" The draft texts include all presidencies: the Republic and the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers "explaining that" identify the two states includes not only the successive sessions only, but non-consecutive, too. "
A member of the legal committee, "he is not entitled to any person held the post of president after the state of nailing for 8 years, whether continuous or intermittent."
concluded Shawqi that "State of Law coalition positions, particularly Islamic call to particular party based on a personal basis and are not intended to achieve the public interest."
For his part, MP for the rule of law Ahmed Salal in an interview with "New Morning", that "the project separate texts on certain personal "stressing that" aims to keep Nuri al-Maliki and the failure to ensure his return to his previous position again.
"He added Salal," The House of Representatives building a democratic state system may not be a legal provisions for marginalized people or political components.
"The wonder of" the existence of text in The project gives the power to effect retroactively ", warning that" the legislative system in democratic countries provides for the validity of any law after approval.
"He stressed MP for the rule of law that" our objection is not political, but legal purely; because also the Constitution Straighten texts to determine the mandate of the President Republic did not come to mention the prime minister if he wanted to text him explicitly.
"The House of Representatives had approved at its previous session to determine the states of the three presidencies law, but the Federal Supreme Court decided undone; because the legislation was contrary to the provisions of the Constitution, and that Parliament himself in approval without passing constitutional contexts that impose to be the source of such laws affecting the principle of separation of powers: The Council of Ministers or the presidency.