Parliamentary Security is discussing with the Ministry of Defence allocations in the budget of 2016


Discussed the parliamentary defense and security committee with officials in the Ministry of Defense Ministry's allocations in the financial budget of the state for the year 2016. According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] that "the Commission today hosted cadre of administrative and Advanced Financial in the Ministry of Defence to discuss the financial allocations in the budget of the Ministry for 2016." It is said that the House of Representatives, has ended its session last Tuesday, which was hosted by a number of respective personnel minister read the report and to discuss the federal budget for 2016.
The total budget expenditures next year's 106 trillion dinars, compared to the amount of 119 trillion dinars for 2015, a drop of 11%, while the estimated federal budget for the coming year deficit of 22.7 trillion dinars, equivalent to 21% of total expenditures.
The size Security and defense budget allocations for next year four trillion dinars.
He said Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that the government exceeded the real concerns about the disable state and non-compliance with its obligations to pay employees and other entitlements salaries.
He noted that the government is able to reduce the deficit from 25% to 22%, pointing out that the Council Ministers will submit an amendment to the budget bill in 2016 soon in order to reduce the existing deficit through the issuance of bonds Alnkadih.