For the first time in the history of the Arab countries .. elect a woman president of the Parliament

Elected Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi, head of the Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates, to become the first woman to hold the presidency of the parliamentary institution in the history of the Arab world. Received Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi, on Wednesday 11/18/2015, the presidency of the Federal National Council after winning unanimous , for lack of another candidate rivaled among House members of the Council. This has already become a hope Qubaisi first Emirati to win membership of the Federal National Council via the legislative elections, the first electoral experience was organized in 2006. It is noteworthy that the Federal National Council comprises forty members elected half through direct voting, while others are assigned to the twentieth of Representatives by the rulers of the seven Emirates. and assume the powers of the Council is currently an advisory nature, but the UAE government plans to expand his duties gradually.