Parliamentary Legal announce the presence of more than 14 exception in the General Amnesty Law

Parliamentary Legal Committee, announced Thursday, the presence of more than 14 exception of the draft general amnesty law, pointing out that there is a political will to enact the law. Deputy Chairman of the Committee MP Mohsen al-Sadoun said in a press conference with members of the committee and the House of Representatives attended by agency news today, said that "in the draft general amnesty law more than 14 the number of exceptions exception." He said al-Saadoun, "We are in the Legal Committee decided not to include both money laundering issues of amnesty," noting that "the committee has asked the Justice Department to send its final statistics for the number of convicts and detainees in Iraqi jails, so that the Committee can evaluate the exceptions." Sadoun confirmed "the existence of the will of the House of Representatives and the political blocs for the legislation of the amnesty law in the coming period," and expressed hope that "the legislation before the end of this year."