Iraq will pay $ 12 billion from the central reserve to oil companies

Baghdad / Baghdad news preparing the Iraqi Central Bank to deliver approximately $ 12 billion as receivables oil companies that have been contracted according to oil licensing rounds. A government source said in an interview I followed "Baghdad News" that "there are great fears of the impact of the reimbursement of oil licensing companies Iraq's economy, as the amount to be payment approximately $ 12 billion, and will withdraw from Iraqi cash balance of more than $ 60 billion. "The source added that" what has been trading in recent days to form an investigative committee for the detection of ten billion dollars disappearance is an attempt to distract the public opinion the subject does not exist. "The source pointed out that" the real concern is the withdrawal of benefits the oil companies of the cash reserves of $ 60 billion, which will lead to serious economic results is the low value of the Iraqi dinar, especially with the continuation of the central bank to sell the dollar auction are unparalleled in the world, which is witnessing cases of major corruption Taattml in hard currency smuggling from Iraq. "The Iraqi Central Bank denied in a statement, ten billion dollars of oil reserves disappearance, The statement came in response to the news published by the government newspaper Sabah on the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi formation of a committee achieving the target to uncover the circumstances of the disappearance of the amount. In the same context, the IMF released a statement emphasizing that "the reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq has nearly $ 60 billion and will drop to $ 50 billion," but did not indicate the reasons for the decrease. The IMF International in its statement that "This reserve will provide the government payroll for nine months, giving the Iraqi economy and that some sort of protection was minimal."