Parliamentary Finance: low central bank reserves is normalon:

Follow-up / Baghdad news described the parliamentary finance committee member Husam punitive financial budget for the adoption of the non-oil revenues by 17% of them "as good", among the relatively low occurrence of few in central bank reserves "is normal".He said punitive in an interview I followed "Baghdad News "," The difference between the budgets of 2015 and 2016 is clear in terms of retrenchment on the one hand, and increase the production and export of oil volumes and reduce the deficit, which we consider to be a good budget ratios. "punitive and added that" as a blueprint for the revenue budget be 83% dependent on oil and appreciated B79 trillion, 17 % on imports of non-oil revenues are estimated with 14 trillion, "describing the figure as" good. "Among the punitive that" the Central Bank of the existing reserves estimated at 50 billion dollars, it is natural that the relative decline little happens in the bank reserve ".