Following the disappearance of 10 billion dollars: until the State of Somalia more than prestige of our alvashoshet

(Voice of Iraq) | Printable version often aggrieved countries as Somalia and Djibouti or Burkina Faso when mentioned comparison for satire and irony, without والهزء know that these States to poverty and vulnerability and her emaciation keep more sedate and prestige of the Iraqi State, which in fact no longer State, to the extent that now match the analogy of Mohammed's structure as a Bank-led gang of thieves in asserting and bearded and avalkh mdashin.

Temperatures have reached lightly, and with deference to these thieves are stealing and loot taken in billions, we hear news of the disappearance as well as billion dollars while another, until it became routine and normal that disappeared or was stolen and embezzled $ as well as through projects and sometimes fake transactions or through other times the CBI!.

This is not to talk about that cow from an employee working at a State awalmsarf and if its stolen as well as billion dinars, or us $ and then disappear, or "municipal official who takes the entire municipal budget and then leave them outside Iraq calmly and deliberately and Tan!! ..
Something unreasonable. Something incredible for what happened and is happening in Iraq, to consider practices and work gangs Kabwe easy compared with being in Iraq today from looting and frhedh for public money ...

What do those bastards from politicians almhassteyen in Iraq in the name of religion, ideology and nationalism and quotas is more like a bird scrawny and skinny after plucking every feather and down, leaving a skeleton only.
Such is the case with Iraq standing on the brink of bankruptcy's identity.

Now.. In line with a series of hijacks his billions, metttalih and want to create Iraqi Street to accept and digest the disappearance of 10 billion extra dollars from the Iraqi Central Bank, sometimes stress news is confused auinfonh vaguely with emphasis on "but" maybe, etc..

While we know that this ", but" probably "not only confirm the disappearance of padded these exorbitant amounts, the" disappearance "of these politicians Theives means theft and banditry prevailing Iraqi sense since the fall of the former regime until now.

And you will see how they are among the banished and Confirm open investigations and parliamentary committees and over conflicting statements and conflicting forget the Iraqi Street is this disappearance, just as they did previously and repeatedly on tens of billions of other vanished, or rather stolen in broad daylight!
While the overwhelming majority of the people still exercise its coma and cave her slumber with the exception of a few thousand protesters remained steadfast in front of truncheons and water cartridges security forces which want to deny the right of the right to complain and scream pain and duress on the plight of Iraq and national disasters by these politicians thieves and imposters and Baathists, Islamists almdashin.
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Request Prime Minister Haidar Abadi, from tight control of intelligence on the movement of a group of adult fear of leaving Iraq politicians following the disappearance of $ 10 billion of Central Bank reserves.

Sources: Abadi acknowledged intelligence list bearing the names of the personalities window is likely to be behind the disappearance of the $ 10 billion, these sources could not know these names.

Abbadi summoned the Governor of the Central Bank of the agency relationship and extensive investigations with all employees without exception in the case of the disappearance of 10 billion dollars from Central Bank reserves amounting to $ 67 billion to $ 58 billion drop sites and news agencies).