Marja rejecting minority objection: abolition of article 26 of the law on the standard card error
2015-11-19 06:07:13 |

(Voice of Iraq) twilight news and reference confirmed Mohamed yaacoubi that article 26 of the law of unified national card approval for the Constitution and human rights and cancelled "historic mistake".

Yaacoubi said in a statement to the media library that "since the approval by Parliament of the law on national day card 10.27, and article 26 thereof raises ire of brothers from other non-Muslim religions, as provides that minor followed by his parents, and if safest one right Muslim brothers opposed this paragraph is required to keep the minor to a parent of a non-Muslim religion, they view their demand to three presidencies and UNMIK representatives boycotted Parliament sessions to exert pressure so that the paragraph, as threatened Recourse to the International Tribunal and the human rights organizations have succeeded in collecting the President refused to ratify the law back to Parliament, Tuesday (17/11) and the refusal of the United Nations Mission in celebration of international day for tolerance (16/11) ".

Charley continued "We appreciate religious and political leaders to the followers of these religions seeking to preserve the identity and culture of their followers doctrine we call everyone considered that abolition of this paragraph is a clear violation of the Constitution, which requires the health laws of non violation of Islam and constants of micro constants of Islam that followed the religion of one of the parents if a Muslim, if he has reached the age of majority to choose the religion that satisfied them as (no compulsion in religion) as the pronunciation of the Qur'an".

Yacoubi noted that "this provision is not coercion for small which does not encroach on other religions, or brothers demand was keeping on religion and the other non-Muslim coercion, and that this provision is OK for human rights therefore are civilized States in personal affairs other applet, for example if the father of a particular nationality and emigrated to another country and married and beget children granted citizenship of the new country depending on the nation that those subsequent nationality".

He said "the hope of the leaders of other faiths and political representatives to abide by the Constitution and taking into account the fact that Iraq is a Muslim country and Muslims more than 95% of the population, and to draw attention to keeping their identity and their existence is achieved by their commitment to the Constitution, which was voted most Iraqis".

The REF called Charley "members of Parliament not to commit a historic error out constants of Islam and not get caught behind the political pressures and mutual interests, decide to cancel this paragraph, after we have clarified to the Constitution and human rights".