Central Bank: issuing a 50,000 dinar has nothing to delete zeros

Follow-up/Iraq said Iraqi Central Bank issuing a 50,000 Iraqi dinar unrelated project delete zeros of the Iraqi currency, noting that Iraq's economic and social conditions do not allow for the implementation of this project.

The Director General of finance and credit Bank Walid Idi that "new paper printed 50,000 dinars unrelated project delete zeros of the Iraqi currency", noting that "the deletion of zeros still deferred project." he said IDI, that "the economic and social circumstances which passes by country does not permit the implementation of the project to delete zeros". Member of the Board of the Bank romaithaa, Sunday (15 November 2015) that the version of 50,000 dinars to delete zeros from the currency, and among that reduce Demand for the dollar, he noted that no link to the financial crisis with new release. Central Bank announced (11 November 2015) issued banknotes of a new class of 50,000 dinars, upheavals to the complete structure of Iraqi banknotes and put high value trading class