Central and southern MPs threatening to sell their wallets like the Kurdistan oil

Follow-up/Iraq today announced a number of deputies to mid-Euphrates and southern provinces, the financial budget bill 2016 bucking Bill governorates that are not organized by County No. 21/2008 rate, threatened to sell oil from provinces such as the Bay of the Kurdistan Regional Government, in the event of non-payment of these provinces.

The Prosecutor said Basra lawmaker behind Abdul Samad "" article II, paragraph (e) of the draft law on the federal budget for the fiscal year 2016 relied on 5% of the revenues of the crude product of the province and of crude oil refined in refineries, conservation, and 5% of the revenue from natural gas product preservation can choose one of the above income producing provinces ", stating that" the draft federal budget law other than the law of governorates that are not organized by County No. 21/2008 amended ". and student Abdul Samad b Federal Government "reconsider article 2/e of the 2016 draft budget and work under article 44 of law No. 21/2008 amending and governorates that are not organized in the territory", stressing that "this article is applicable," adding that "in the event that the Federal Government payments to Basra and the rest of the producing provinces due to the financial crisis affecting the country, can be a section of these amounts and calculate remaining amounts owed the federal government debt payable to provinces In the case of the improved financial situation of the country.

He Samad that" in the event of non-payment of Government dues, Basra and producing governorates in the Centre and South to receive their share in the form of crude oil and has the right to dispose of it and sell it as oil or raw derivatives as the Kurdistan so ", adding that" If the Federal Government is not taking these options, Basra and other provinces would resort to raising unfairness and injustice on the people of province, and we are determined. "mentions that Maysan provincial Council threatened, in 25 December 2014, with the Declaration of the conservation districts if the non-payment of dues for the Federal Government in oil production