Iraq calls for enactment of the necessary insurance for all citizens and affirms: the outcome of collective activity amounted to 46 billion
2015-11-19 01:01:04 |

(Voice of Iraq) Baghdad Iraqi insurance company confirmed that there is a lack of awareness of insurance in Iraq, she paid the balance of the loans the banks have believers in the event of death, and stressed the need for legislation of compulsory insurance for all citizens for their benefit, stressed that the outcome of the collective activity of insurance amounted to 46 billion Iraqi dinar.

The Director General said the company's Agency, Abbas Shaheed, in an exclusive interview with the (term), "company under the Ministry of finance and power to exercise various types of life insurance funds in accordance with generally accepted international standard documents", adding that "the company after 2003 to achieve its plans first and foremost secure reconstruction projects in Iraq and the wealths of national and human".

Shahid, said that "the process of insurance face two problems, the first double insurance awareness especially among the layers that do not exercise an economic activity, ignorance of the concept of insurance, and other novelty this activity in Iraq and practised on a small scale", stating that "insurance companies assume part of the problem being not focused on public education and extensive advertising campaigns due to limited financial allocations".

The Director General explained the Iraqi insurance company Agency, "the company found a modern way of marketing through the use of a manual trade, Iraq and publish advertisements via company websites, and prepared a message on services", pointing out that "the company experts and her Boy Scout visiting companies and interested to find gaps and remedies and correct storage methods to avoid accidents, and awareness of insurance".

Shahid, promised that "the insurance activity is linked to the nature of economic and reconstruction projects", adding that "the company quickly go to any project and view the documents on it".

And the view of the Director General of the insurance company, the "greatest accomplishment achieved by the company is moving toward widespread governmental and private banks that lend to citizens for the idea of life insurance borrowers against the risk of death and terror, taking advantage of its experience in this area with real estate Bank, which extends for more than half a century".

Shahid, said that "the company paid the balance of the loan amount to the Bank in the event of death of the insured borrower for his life, to keep a housing unit owned by his family", and that "the company has contracted with the Rafidain and Rashid banks and agricultural and industrial real estate, the borrower's life insurance, covering more than 2 million borrowers" currently ".

The Director General of the Agency for the insurance company, "some believe that banks are from ataft loans on the deceased, ignoring that the insurance company are repayable balance owed that they believe their lives have", pointing out that "the company has expanded its activities to include borrowers buying cars through life insurance, and car against fire, theft, terrorist incidents, and active farmers, accept compensation on a person's life by MTD and monthly installment capacity 12,000 dinars".

Shahid, promised that "direction received by the citizens paid large sums for borrowers died before repaying the faith", and that "the company believes the life of any borrower taking an advance from the Government as well as a large number of ministerial staff".

The Director General of the Agency for Iraqi insurance company, saying that "the company paid to the families of the martyrs of the compensatory amounts of the popular crowd and have paid their debts in recognition of them sacrifices".

And among the martyrs, "the insurance companies in the world stands on two pillars, the first volume of insurance premiums that are meant to be withheld as part of precautions, and invest the money that parents, and dependent on the three controls, first to invest in content does not accept loss, second, and third profitability".

The Director General recalled the Iraqi insurance company Agency, to "the company invests a lot of real estate in cities across Iraq, and has invested in another phase, as well as property seized by organizing daash usurped areas", adding that "the company has millions of shares, contributions in capital companies mixed sector such as sodas and other industrial companies, as well as fiduciary investment put in fixed deposits take financial revenues".

Shahid, was the "outcome of collective activity planned 2015 present, 46 billion dinars, the actual investigator from 30 billion, by implementing 60%", stating that "the public insurance scheme amounts to nine billion dinars, actual it 11 billion, an implementation rate of 125%, and individual insurance five billion, actual four billion by implementation amounted to 83%".

The Director General also criticized the Agency for Iraqi insurance company, "lack of insurance is compulsory in Iraq, except insurance of civil liability arising out of the use of motor vehicles when you run over or accident, there is a national insurance fund pays compensation, insurance compulsory insurance contract terms articles geometric commit the contractor to pay insurance compensation to the injured worker or the collapse of the building but recently canceled".

He said Shahid, "some banks forced borrowers to take out insurance to ensure their rights if subjected to any incident", adding: "but there is no law that obliges banks to insurance".

And invited the Director-General of the Iraqi agency for the insurance company to need "promulgation of compulsory insurance for all citizens for the benefit of them", stressing that "the insurance company is always trying to row customers to compensate them when any incident".

And on insurance fraud, martyr, it's "global status is not confined to Iraq only", stating that "the company controls and Scouts as they draw on the experience of civil defense investigative documents under State controls to assess the incident and pay insurance or not".

The Director General added the Iraqi insurance company Agency, to "market of shorjah, Baghdad, were excluded from insurance due to poor storage and the difficulty of passing fire trucks, but urged customers forced insurers Association, which includes Government and private insurance companies to set up complex and mutually reinforcing Shorja, to pay compensation to those affected".

Shahid, revealed "approximately 30 insurance company in Iraq, including foreign companies compete among themselves with General insurance company to offer its services and exchange experiences", stating that "sometimes companies meet to secure huge project".