A member of the parliamentary legality: the amnesty law under discussion it is possible to modify it in the absence of conflict with the law and the law
11:22 GMT
Baghdad and babysit - said a member of the parliamentary legal committee smile Hashim, said the general amnesty law identified numerous exceptions to be then up to these exceptions by reading the report of the Legal Committee.
And he showed Hashim in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Wednesday, that "the general amnesty law is currently under discussion it is possible to make some amendments to this law," pointing out that "these amendments if they do not conflict with the law and the law will take an important aspect in the Legal Committee. "

She drew Hashem that "terrorism is blood on his hands with the blood of the innocent Iraqi people do not differ by two and can not be benefitting from a pardon final", adding that "There is a consensus by the political blocs on the non-inclusion of terrorism suspects to this law" g / h http://alrayy.com/158918.htm