Al-Zubaidi: Although the 2016 budget deficit crisis, there is no liquidity
11:20 GMT
Baghdad and babysit - denied the MP for the Bloc citizen Faisal al-Zubaidi, the creation of a financial crisis in liquidity in the 2016 budget, particularly for staff salaries.
Zubaidi said in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Wednesday, he said that "in spite of the existence of the large deficit up to 23 trillion dinars in the budget of 2016, but it was far from a lack of liquidity in the employees' salaries and it is one of the gates of exchange that should not be tampered with "pointing out that" this budget will provide the employees' salaries do not manipulate them. "

Al-Zubaidi and pointed out that "the existence of proposals by the political blocs on the government to adopt these proposals and develop a strategy to reduce the deficit in this budget," g / h Plans