Congress center and south are threatening to sell their wallets oil such as the Kurdistan region

Said the number of deputies from the provinces of the Euphrates East and South, Tuesday, that the draft financial budget Act of 2016 violates the governorates not organized law province of No. (21) for the year 2008 average, while threatened to sell oil issued by the provinces, such as what the Bay Regional Government of Kurdistan , in the event of non-payment of these provinces dues. The MP said the province of Basra, MP Khalaf Abdul Samad at a press conference today, in the House of Representatives with a number of deputies from the central and southern provinces and attended by Alsumaria News, that "Article II, paragraph (e) of the draft budget law Federal fiscal year 2016 based on 5% of the raw revenue product of the province and the same crude oil refined in refineries maintain, and 5% of the natural gas revenues of the product maintain can choose the provinces a revenue-producing above, "noting that" the view of the bill Unlike the federal budget as stated in the governorates not organized province of Law No. (21) for the year 2008 average. " Abdul Samad called on the federal government to "reconsider Article 2 / e of the draft 2016 budget and work under article 44 of Law No. 21 of 2008 as amended and the private governorates not organized province", stressing that "the substance is due to the application." He added that " In the case of the inability of the federal government to pay the amounts to the province of Basra and the rest of the producing provinces due to the financial crisis experienced by the country, can exchange section of this amount and calculation of the remaining debt amounts owed ​​by the federal government pays to the provinces in the case of improvement in the financial situation of the country. " said Abdul Samad "In the case of non-payment of government receivables, it is the right of Basra and producing provinces in the center and south to receive its share of the crude form and have disposed of right and sell derivatives oil or crude as the Government of Kurdistan so," explaining that "if you do not take the federal government these options, the Basra and other provinces province will resort to raise the unfairness and injustice for the people maintaining, and we intend to it. "The Council of Maysan province threatened, in December 2014 25 announcement by the province territories in the absence of the federal government pay dues for oil production.