Karbala get 6 billion dinars for the projects and contractors are demanding the local government to pay Maalaha of money

I got the holy city of Karbala on the financial amount of 6 billion dinars from the Ministry of Finance to pay contractors who work with trusts projects the province is likely to get the province later in the amount of 16 billion for projects as well. And he showed Karbala Provincial Council member Bushra Hassan Ashour told N. news reporting that the province got a financial amount of 6 billion dinars by the Ministry of Finance a few days ago, a special projects the province, adding that some contractors demanded that the Government of Karbala to pay some of their dues to the government through a visit Recently her to her office. " Ashour said revealed the Government of Karbala by the amount of 20 billion dinars for those with secretariats Contractors and that this amount is not enough to fill all the requests and Astaat all contractors, indicating that with the Council to see that these amounts are divided into two categories are paid sums of money to companies that are still ongoing in the projects and the amount the second for companies which amounts to 80% completion rates in order to complete the project. "Denied Karbala Provincial Council member to be awarded these amounts for new projects recently referred to the companies. The deputy governor Jassim al-Fatlawi has revealed last June told N. news reporting that the city of Karbala got on the amount of 11 billion dinars from the annual allocation of $ 112 billion for projects of regional development blasted through some contractors, including $ 2 billion dinars to pay daily wages salaries " The parliamentary sources from within the House of Representatives office in Karbala may she told N. that the government of Karbala have financial benefits exceed 400 billion dinars on the development of the regions for the years 2013 and 2014 projects. " These sources pointed out that the local government announced recently awarded for projects exceeding 400 billion dinars for the current year 2015, which would be a significant burden on Karbala's budget for the next five years. "

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