Allkash accuse the call to block the vote on the Martyrs Foundation Law

​BAGHDAD - News today accused the committee of the martyrs and political prisoners by Mohammed Allkash, Wednesday, lawmakers in the Islamic Dawa Party, to "block" vote on the Martyrs Foundation Act, noting that they objected to the inclusion of the martyrs of the popular crowd within the organization. He Allkash at a press conference held today , in the House and attended by agency news today, "The Dawa Party stands against legislation martyrs law and not block the citizen or Liberal," noting that "the Parliamentary Committee of the martyrs of affiliated members to block the Dawa party, and they are trying to block the law to limit the Martyrs Foundation martyrs call and order the former Party , and do not want the accession of the martyrs of the popular crowd. "He added Allkash, that" MPs call for mass held yesterday a press conference accusing me of being an obstacle to the enactment of this law, but it's just the opposite, "explaining that he demanded" Since the early days of the integration of the martyrs of the popular crowd and the victims of the terrorist attacks of terrorism institutions and security within the martyrs of Iraq Foundation ". He pointed out that" the President of the Martyrs Foundation successful Abdul Amir, which is a member of the Dawa Party, sent a letter saying that the Martyrs Foundation Law No. 3 of 2006 means the families of the martyrs under the former regime and therefore the merger to the martyrs of the process will lead the crowd and processes terrorist martyrs and security institutions to the loss of moral and symbolic character of the martyrs. "