The fifth series of documents Chalabi. So leaked billions through corrupt banks and companies
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(Voice of Iraq) Baghdad over the years, the late Dr. Ahmad Chalabi, a member of the House Financial Committee Chairman and head of the Iraqi National Congress, preoccupied with issues of financial and administrative corruption, notably smuggling billions of dollars out of the country via fake financial companies mostly international banker residential exhausted these billions from State coffers and of people, leading to empty the Treasury and economic projects and service crashes.

Since assuming the chairmanship of the Finance Committee, the late Chalabi in the current House in mind reveal details of these, particularly dangerous file file smuggling foreign currency and actually succeeded in collaboration with other members of the Committee and State officials collect hundreds of documents prepared by the report submitted by the Commission and others, including the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies and the Government. As Chalabi told "term" in due course it valuable cooperation received from the Ministry of finance and the Minister Hoshyar Zebari detect this file and other facts.

Late Chalabi informed the Foundation "range" early on this file and a copy of its contents to the enterprise, hoping to begin deployment of the file at a time to be determined by it, as he was waiting for the positions of other parties, including the Supreme religious authority in Najaf, was looking to get support for open this file and other files which reveals the activities of mafia corruption in the country and close relations with senior officials in this State.

Now Dr. Chalabi has gone from this world, the term institution finds itself obliged to implement what was agreed with the late Chalabi, and publish here new pages from the file concerning the late Bank of Huda submitted by Chalabi, in his note to the parliamentary integrity Commission less than a month before his death, as a model for "irregularities and crimes committed by a group of banks and their owners in an auction of foreign currency".

163 the converting process conducted by Huda Bank during 6 months 85 without CBI slips (money laundering reporting Office) (internal memo) date: 7/8/2014/Governor Esquire m/transfers (RTGS) after the greeting.

We would like to point out to you that the amounts transferred from the Rafidain Bank to Huda by the payment system (RTGS) and duration (2/2/2014) until 30/6/2014 (1,543,212) million dinars (trillion, 500 and forty-three billion and two hundred and twelve million dinars) and account for a large proportion of Al Huda bank balance at the Bank is used for the purpose of selling the currency window (1,801,778) $ 1,000 (billion, eight hundred and one million seven hundred and seventy eight thousand dollars) for the top.

Hoping to see you and guidance on the draft version of the book that came by. Order you with appreciation attachments: Read more:

(1) identifying transforms the Rafidain (1) implementing the dollar remittance slip.

Star tastes khudair Director General Agency shows Huda bank remittance slip to the dollar by selling the currency window to 163 in the operation duration from 4/1/2014-30/6/2014 billion and 108 million and us $ 778 000, and that most of those operations (85) were without revealing the clients.

--------------Secret and personal issue: o/143 date: 11/8/2014/Rafidain Bank/Office of the Director-General/internal remittances greetings.

We would like to inform you that the internal transfers amounts from your Bank through the RTGS system to Huda Bank by the Central Bank for the duration of 2/2/-6/30/2014 reached the limits (1,543,212) million dinars (trillion, 500 and forty-three billion and two hundred and twelve million dinars), as shown in the table annexed hereto.

Please kindly read and let us know if taking due diligence towards these transfers and ensure the safety of their sources (and the client) and used for commercial purposes and do not constitute clear suspicions of money laundering or terrorist financing pursuant to section 5 of the anti-money laundering Act (No. 93) in 2004 for being used for the purposes of entry in the sale of foreign currency for the execution of requests for the Bank.

We hope our comments within fifteen days from the date ... With appreciation annexes: (1) detecting Naim tastes khudair Director General Agency copy to/-Governor's Office/see sovereignty. With the appreciation of the Directorate-General for the control of banking and credit/Office of the Director-General to kindly consult and take on checking the movement of these balances to Rafidain Bank. With appreciation.

Directorate-General/Office of the Director-General to kindly consult and take on the follow-up sources account for Egypt with Huda you have above. With appreciation.

The Central Bank of Iraq (money laundering reporting Office) (internal memo) date: 12/8/2014/Governor Esquire m/transfers (RTGS) after the greeting

Further to our note dated 7 August 2014, attached aside we would like to point out to you that we calculate the Commission charged by Huda Bank from selling the dollar amount transferred through the Central Bank referred to in our book series, personal No. (s/143) on 11/8/2014. $ (1,801,778) $ 1,000 (approximately 6.8 billion and one million seven hundred and seventy eight thousand dollars) reached the limits (18,017,780) 1,000 dinars (eight to ten billion and seventeen million seven hundred and eighty thousand dinars) and rate (10) Libyan dinars per dollar as window buying and selling foreign currency (9/3/19) on 26/6/2014 in accordance with the following formula: 1 (1,801,778) $ x (1187) = (213,871,468,000) (purchase price).

2. (1,801,778) $ x (1197)) = (2,156,728,466,000) (the sale price).

3-(2,156,728,466,000) (sale price) (213,871,468,000) (purchase price) = (18,017,780) 1,000 dinars (18 billion dollars and seventeen million seven hundred and eighty thousand dinars) (min.).

To request access and nsbetm guide DG control of banking and credit to make sure that those benefits in the records of the Bank as assets. Order you with appreciation.

Naim tastes khudair Director General Agency

Rafidain public administration number: 989 date: 26/8/2014 ODG AML Division series and personal/CBI/money laundering reporting Office/transfers internal greetings.

Reference to your issue/s 143 on 11/8/2015 and after checking the details of the amount indicated in your show us the following: 1. that the amounts transferred through the system (RTGS) are all a notices issued by the Bank upon the Chair branch Hoda's account at the Central Bank which processes the transfer of balances by the Bank and request that those amounts of deposits and remittances from bank customers.

2. the task of investigating the sources of the money customers the purpose of filings in the cases above Al Huda Bank responsibility being an independent financial institution under the supervision of the Central Bank and subject to the money laundering Act to establish anti-money laundering Division will be responsible for screening clients before accepting deposits in accordance with paragraph (1) of article 17, paragraph (1) of article 18 of the law so that our liability is limited to the follow-up on the implementation of requests for transfers to the Bank.

To request access. With the appreciation of the name Kamal Mehdi Hassani, Director General of Rafidain Bank/Agency Board Chairman-------------------------------Republic of Iraq Central Bank money-laundering reporting Office/Department of international cooperation (Sri) number: h/161 date: 27/8/2014 to Jordan unit for combating money laundering and financing of terrorism/information after the salutation.

Through examination and analysis of data on foreign transfers executed through the Central Bank of Iraq for the benefit of Bank clients guidance and related import different goods to Iraq for companies utilizing Jordan through the Housing Bank and the schedule attached hereto, and the magnitude of transfers and the nature of the imported goods, this Office has generated some skepticism.

Please help provide any available information on the health of beneficiary companies dealings and the extent of the financial capacity to implement those requests to supply materials installed in the table annexed to Iraq, according to official documents, fundamentalist or not in accordance with the principle of cooperation and coordination between the Office and she United you.

Hoping to speed the answer of the importance of the subject. With appreciation Naim tastes khudair Director General Agency Read more: